STYLED SHOOT: Scream Queens Vendor Spotlight

There are so many elements and vendors needed for a style shoot, just like a wedding! When we are putting shoots together, we work with a theme or inspiration. Our latest idea? A shoot based off of Scream Queens, the TV show! One Monday Nicole texted me and said "You HAVE to watch Scream Queens. Right now." So I did. And marathoned through the whole series in one day (I shouldn't be proud of this fact, but I am) It was SO GOOD and got us so excited to do a shoot based off of this twisted, but hilarious, show. We wanted to keep with the sweet sorority girl, but have a twist, which you will have to wait and see! Today we want to focus on some of the vendors that made this shoot possible! And we can't wait for you to see the images from Apartment B Photography!

The Chanel's wear robes in the show, so we knew we needed a scene with the girls in custom robes! Etsy seller Silk And More made 4 robes for us to use, and they were perfect! We went with a variety of floral patterns and colors. These gowns are made from 100% silk, and are made in mills that don't use child laborers. These are the perfect getting ready outfit, especially if you are getting pictures of your ladies getting their hair and makeup done!

If you are a true Chanel follower, you need gloves. But not boring gloves, gorgeous lace gloves. We reached out Alisa Bride, who let us borrow a pair, and they worked perfect! They are made of the best alcenon lace, delicate pearls, and sequins. Each pair are hand sewn and handmade in New York. 

Nicole SchwalgeComment