What Size Linens Should I Order for my Wedding?

It is one of the smallest elements of your wedding day, one that may not cross your minds moments after you say “yes!” but it can absolutely make one of the biggest differences on your big day: linens.

We are going to let you in on a little wedding planner secret…well, we actually don’t know how much a secret it could be if you could maybe just google it and find it but hey you’re here now so just go with it! The Amazing Event Rentals website has an amazing resource where it lays out the exact size linens you need based on the dimensions of your furniture.

Here is the answer to all of your table cloth trouble:

So stop panicking, take a look at this chart and feel your wedding planning anxieties melt away until you think about how your aunt Mimi and your cousin Terry can’t be in the same room as each other and your dog just ate your seating chart. Plan on!