Tornados to Tuxedos: How to Deal with Bad Weather on your Wedding Day

We here at Ivory & Beau are not strangers to bad weather happening on your wedding day. Just this past Saturday we LITERALLY had to hold down the fort, but instead of a fort it was a Chuppah and when we say hold it down our lead florist Emily really did have her arms wrapped tight around the structure as to not let it fly into the marsh.

We are just stopping in to tell you a few things that may ease your mind if you’ve been refreshing the weather app on your phone all week long hoping something miraculously changes (it probably won’t).

“Just because the forecast calls for rain doesn’t mean its calling for you to have a bad time” -The Ivory & Beau Team

Check out the coverage of this wedding by WTOC  here !

Check out the coverage of this wedding by WTOC here!

  1. You can’t change the weather

    If this is the first time you’re hearing this then perhaps there is a bigger problem at hand. To our knowledge, there are no weather dances, chants, spells, machines you find in the trash of Santa Clause’s summer cabin, or riddles you can solve from a troll under a bridge that will change the weather. So embrace it, prepare as much as you can and take it as it comes.


2. Think about the bigger picture

Rain, shine, hurricane, tornado, snow storm (unlikely in the South but whatever). sand storm, thunderstorm, whatever fate the weather gods thrust upon you it won’t change the fact that you will be surrounded by everyone you care about who are gathered to see you live one of the best days of your life. Pop open your umbrella and enjoy it.


3. Wine

Our fearless leader Nicole wanted to remind you that there is always wine to alleviate stress. However, we here at Ivory & Beau would like to state that we do not condone the abuse of alcohol or any other self-altering substance.


4. Coordinators can make a difference

Thinking about leaving the storm clean up to your guests as they arrive in their high heels and suits should sound like something out of a nightmare for you. This is why we believe hiring a coordinator could make the biggest difference when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of bad weather on your wedding day. Mind you, this is no plug for the Ivory & beau wedding planning services…but if you’re interested of course do not hesitate to click here.


5. R-E-L-A-X

As we briefly stated above, there is not much you can do about the weather on your wedding day except for prep to the best of your ability. So sit back, relax, exit out of every news station’s weather tabs on your computer and enjoy the fact that your wedding is happening soon and no amount of rain should ruin that. Although, if a severe storm warning is issued in your area please take caution and follow the recommended procedure of your county.


Check out our YouTube video and watch us deep dive into all of these tips!