Cake is Always a Good Idea

Let's talk cake. Who doesn't love a good yummy cake? And an adorably designed cake table complete with custom accessories and details that fit the whole vision for the big day is just the icing on top of the cake. I love all things custom and unique and think that the cake and/or dessert table is the perfect place to get creative for your wedding day. As long as it tastes good too of course... 

Before the accessories though, here's a sneak peek of one of our most recent shoots with a cake from The Topiary. I am obsessssssssed with this Southwestern style cake she created for us complete with a funky pattern and fringe. She wasn't sure when I told her I wanted something that would be on top of a terracotta pot but I got to say, I love how it turned out!!! More from this shoot (complete with an alpaca) will be up on the blog soon! 


I think having custom cake or unique cake cutters plus customized napkins and funky cake stands can make all the difference when it comes to designing and decorating a cake and/or dessert table! With so many options online you can find some that really fit the decor and style of the wedding. Whether you want a style that is very classic and traditional or modern and edgy or vintage and girly, there's something to fit all styles. For my big day we opted for a pair of modern black cake cutters and I had them monogrammed with our # "Mason Matrimony." Here's some of my favorite finds online including mine in the top left corner. And our cake and dessert table will be filled with unique quirky stands and plates from wooden cacti to macrame hanging bowls... give me all the weirdness.

What cutters would you pick for your big day??


My top 4 tips for cake/dessert for your wedding day...

1. Order what you love. It is your day after all so I say eat all of your favorite things. If that means a dessert bar filled with gummy sharks, Reese's peanut butter cups, churros, donuts and key lime pie then so be it. The prep for the wedding is over and so is the diet, so splurge on baby. 

2. Sheet cakes are your friend if you are on a budget but still want an awesome cake. The sheet cakes typically are less per slice than the decorated cake and these are cut in the back by your caterer. So you can still have that amazingly decorated cake without breaking the bank. 

3. Think outside the cake box. You do not have to have a traditional white wedding cake. Get creative and think of your cake as an extension of the rest of the wedding design/style. 

4. Fresh flowers are the easiest way to decorate and create a beautiful cake!! The more flowers the better but that's just if you ask me. 

Thanks for reading and on that note, let's eat cake. xoxoxoxoxox, n

[Photo Credits] Cake by The Topiary, photography by Bud Johnson Photography // Black Geometric Cutters, Vintage Rose Cake Cutters via The Knot Shop // Wood Cake Cutters via Windrush Online // DIY Metallic Geometric Cake Plate via Birds Party // Customized Napkins via For Your Party // Mint Green Cake Stand via Minted // Together Plates via Modcloth // Vintage Cake Cutters via Chairish