How to Include the Littlest, Stickiest, Funniest Guests of All: KIDS!

We’ll give you one guess at who the littlest, stickiest, and arguably funniest guests are at a wedding… okay, you got it? 

That’s right! Kids


Alright, so not everyone’s down to bring the munchkins to the party-- and hey, we get that!-- but there is something to be said about celebrating the joy of a wedding through a child’s eyes. We love the little unpredictable things they do, from wandering around the aisle waving hi at all of the other guests to dancing in place as mom and dad say “I do,” these moments are some of the sweetest. 

But how, you may ask, do I keep these sweet moments from turning into something out of a sour patch commercial? 


Well, first, you put them in tiny flower crowns and boutonnieres like I&B Couple James & Adrienne… I mean, it’s pretty hard to get frustrated with anything THAT cute, right?


Okay, okay. All jokes aside, the key to keepin’ the kids from getting rowdy is keeping them involved. Have them walk you down the aisle or give them a chance to say a few of their own words when the time comes to exchange vows. Make sure to give them a very important task-- such as holding the bouquet (if it’s small enough for their little arms to handle) or keeping your veil from blowing away-- to keep them from getting too antsy mid-ceremony. 


Oh, yeah, speaking of ceremonies and little limbs: give those tiny tots a chance to rest their legs! We loved James and Adrienne’s idea to seat the kids at a rug throughout their ceremony. You might consider giving them individual pillows or even a child-sized chair-- complete with a garland or floral arrangement to match your arch! 


The fun doesn’t have to end at ceremonies, however. There are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained throughout the night! Set up a dedicated play area with some toys to take home or set out custom coloring sheets as keepsakes. If there are enough kids in attendance, you might even consider asking the DJ to announce a kids-only jam sesh. Trust us, the pictures will be absolutely priceless.


How do you plan to involve kids in your wedding? Let us know in the comments down below!

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Mackensey Alexander // Florals: Ivory & Beau