Guest Post: 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations In Thailand

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Getting married and planning a beach wedding in Thailand makes for a truly beautiful destination wedding. There are several beaches to choose from that make for a magical experience that will never be forgotten. Here are some of the best wedding destinations in Thailand. 

Koh Samui

A Koh Samui beach wedding is something that many couples can't resist. As one of Thailand's most popular beaches it has hosted many weddings over the years. Many luxury resorts in the area offer wedding packages which provide elegant wedding dress design and execution like wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses that Ivory & Beau carries, and flowers. That let couples sit back, relax and enjoy their big day. 

Despite the fact that none of Thailand's beaches are private, any worthy destination wedding planner in Thailand can secure one area of the beach for a couple and their guests. One of the most unique aspects of weddings held at this beach is that it is often possible for couples to dine at sea. A wedding in Koh Samui is an unforgettable experience. It is one of the most popular choices among couples planning a destination wedding in Thailand. 

Koh Lanta

Couples from all over the world often get married on the beaches of Koh Lanta. The main reason for this is that its wedding planners offer opportunities for non-religious ceremonies as well as Buddhist and Islamic weddings. Koh Lanta temples often hold blessing ceremonies for couples. The service is performed by a monk and reassures couples that they will have a good life filled with a lot of love and good luck. In the case of Islamic weddings involve simple ceremonies near any view that a couple desires for their special day. 

Koh Phi Phi

Southern Thailand is the home of Koh Phi Phi. Getting married in Phi Phi island allows couples to capture beautiful photos of their wedding day. Whether a couple is looking for a quiet and isolated environment or an action packed, vibrant one, Koh Phi Phi is the place to be. The island's north end provides couples with the peace and quiet they may be seeking, while allowing them to enjoy some excellent snorkeling or scuba diving at the island's resorts.

For couples looking for a high energy experience, the island's nightlife provides it. Koh Phi Phi is known for its energetic beach parties on almost any given night. 

Koh Tao

Off the beaten path lies Koh Tao, a quiet sanctuary for couples celebrating their destination wedding. It is the best beach to choose for an out of the box wedding theme, such as elephants or horseback riding. In addition, couples can feel free to simply lie on the beach and get a relaxing massage or go rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking and snorkeling. 

Of all the beaches in Thailand this is the one that is most often the least crowded, making it perfect for couples who want privacy. Couples will find that they can choose from many unique and interesting wedding packages that other beach destinations couldn't even dream of offering. 


Perhaps the most well known of the Thailand beaches, Phuket has always been a popular choice among couples. It has the most modern amenities of any beach in Thailand, including private plunge and infinity pools. Weddings are often held at beach retreats, especially by couples who want to have a small and intimate affair. 

Phuket's resorts offer couples several wedding packages to choose from. They can relax in their room in its included jacuzzi or soak tub, allowing couples to pamper themselves. 

These are the five best beach wedding destinations that couples have to choose from in Thailand. Each one offers amazing amenities and beaches with a stunning and beautiful view.