Guest Post: 12 Artistic Seating-Chart Displays for Your Wedding


Fast-forward to the future, and try to imagine this scene: the wedding ceremony is over. Your guests are on their way to the reception area. How are you going to guide them to their proper seats?

Escort cards are there to the rescue. They are simple to create and organize, but they always take care of the job, right? Well, there is nothing wrong with a minimalist idea of a seating-chart display.

But if you’re looking for more inspiring ideas on how you can guide your guests to their tables, then check out this compilation of ideas that will surely add more enchantment to your already-magical day.  



Take out those empty wine bottles from the storage. Soak them in a solution to completely remove the labels. In place of the labels, stick a sticker paper with the seat plan printed on it. Not only will the guest marvel at your creativity, but they will also be amazed at your collection of bottles.

Potted Plants


Succulents and herbs aren’t just for home and office decorations anymore. They can also beautify the seating-arrangement display of any wedding. Use their charm to invite your guests to their seats. At the end of the event, you can even give them as souvenirs.

Flower Power


Relive prom night with a floral-inspired theme. You can opt to print individual escort cards and prep a boutonniere made with gorgeous silk flowers to go with it. The guests can wear the flowery accessory all throughout the reception and be nostalgic of the good old days. Now you have thrown a wedding and a prom; what more can your guests ask for?

Card Games


Are you secretly good at card games? This is your chance to share that to the world. Use the four-color classifications from a set of game cards to map out the path of your guests’ seats.

Scroll with Names


Inspired by the regal way of announcing things, make a scroll out of a large fabric, and hand-paint the names of your guests, along with their table number. A much-easier version is to design a tarpaulin and use a calligraphy typeface.



You can never go wrong with a blackboard and some colorful chalks. It doesn’t matter if you write the names on a big board or small one; it will be classy just the same.

Transparent Glass


Nothing says elegance than a slab of plexiglass bearing the scribbles of the seating arrangement greeting your guests at the entrance of the reception hall does.

Wooden Crates


Want a barn-inspired theme? Look no further than the chic combination of cute printed name cards hanging on a yarn (or any other string) tied on each side of a wooden crate. Charmingly rustic indeed!



To give a more homey feeling, why don’t you write your guest list and the guests’ table numbers on parchment papers and frame them? It’s entirely up to you if you want to use one big frame for all the names or to utilize small frames for each table. Regardless of your choice, it will still awe your wedding party.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, how can the bride-to-be creatively display the seating arrangement on her biggest day of all? The answer is already in the riddle. Write the guests’ names on a mirror with elegant framing, and hang it at the entrance. They can check out their name, their table number, and their gorgeous look for your wedding—all in one place.

Travel-Inspired Display


Do you love travelling? This is your chance to insert your passion for adventure. You can play around printed cards pinned on a map, or a globe, with a beautiful pushpin.

You can also hang luggage tags for individual names and table numbers on a string tied to actual bags or luggage. Both will show your ingenuity and get-go personality. 

Typewriter Days


If you have any typewriter in your attic or basement, then brush the dust away from it. Type your seat plan on a special paper, and have your guest look for their name in the old machine. Nothing beats being classy by using the most classic of things.

Displaying the seating arrangement may not be the most fun activity in planning a wedding. But it doesn’t make it any less important than other details. Good seat-plan guides will surely maintain order and during the ceremony even when you’re providing great entertainment that makes the crowd go a bit crazy.

Of course, there are more ways to lead the people who celebrated your special day to their designated places. So what do you say? Let the brainstorming begin.