If You Buy a Bride a Bath Bomb...

I’ll admit it: bathtime is my guilty pleasure. There is something so wonderfully relaxing about a steaming hot bath at the end of a long day. Lately, I’ve gotten in the habit of indulging myself with a glass of wine and a bath bomb, and in the midst of one of my lazy Sunday soaks, I began to wonder…

If I were to buy a bride a bath bomb based on the dress of her dreams, what would I choose? 

Here are my Lush-lover picks for five very different kinds of bride. These cocktails include a combination of two bath products; a bathbomb to start, as well as either a soothing bath oil or a fragrant bubble bar. 

The Romantic Bride

 Photo by  vvnightnightingale .

Featuring the Fleur de Lis gown by Hayley Paige, the romantic bride is a modern aphrodite. The Titsy Totsy bath bomb, with free-floating rosebuds and its gentle jasmine and rose aroma makes for a truly romantic evening. Paired with the luxury bath melt Polyamorous, your skin will be silky soft… your future spouse won’t be able to resist how touchably smooth you are when you step out of the bath!

The Boho Bride


Calling all free spirits. This bathtime cocktail was inspired by one of our favorite Daughters of Simone gowns, Lu. Our boho brides always have the brightest smiles, so why not bring some of that sunshine to your bath with the Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb? Surrounded by floating cornflower blooms and the awakening power of lime, lemon, and neroli oil, this bomb is the perfect way to start your day. 

I can’t imagine a boho bride without a little floral element, either. Pop in the Flower’s Barrow bath oil for added skin-boosting benefit of organic shea and cocoa butter-- as well as a few loose petals. 

The Sultry Bride

 Photo by  MishMreow .

Photo by MishMreow.

A Sex Bomb for a sex bomb… this bath bomb was aptly named for our sultriest of brides! West by Hayley Paige is a top pick for I&B brides looking to bring the sex appeal, and this luxe bath combo is sure to wow. Jasmine, sage, and ylang ylang pair perfectly with a hint of lavender from the French Kiss bubble bar. These two together are enough to put anyone in the mood.

The Princess Bride

ivory-and-beau-bridal-boutique-savannah-lush-bath-bombs-spa-day-bride-bridal-spa-day-ellis-by-kate-mcdonald-bridal-separates -3.jpg

As you wish!

The princess bride deserves to be pampered, so go big or go home with the Giant Rose Bombshell bath bomb. If only we could get Meghan Markle into the Ellis separates by Kate Mcdonald! A gown fit for an American princess isn’t complete without a hint of sugary-sweetness, and the Creamy Candy bubble bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Vintage Bride 

 Photo by  DollyDowsie .

Photo by DollyDowsie.

Brides who are inspired by the vintage look are always so soothing… we like to imagine it’s because they’ve got an old soul. Ruth by Rebecca Ingram has just a touch The Twilight bath bomb is just as relaxed as a timeless and elegant vintage bride, with hints of tonka and lavender oil. Drop in the Floating Island bath oil to take it to the next level. Treat yourself, vintage bride! You’re worth it. 

Who else is ready to settle down for a soak? Let us know your favorite combo in the comments below. If you were inspired by any of these gowns, click here to make your very own appointment to shop I&B… we’d be happy to give some bath bomb recommendations!