Dear Mom, I love you.

I'm not even going to lie I started tearing up just writing the title of this blog post. I cry easily... it's so weird. I can still remember when I became that girl that cried at movies, sad things, happy things, all the things... It was while watching Alpha Dog with my high school bestie, Paige. Weirdest thing right? I mean that's the movie with the kid who gets kidnapped and Justin Timberlake is in the movie. And there's this one part and my friend starts bawling uncontrollably and super loudly and super embarrassing and all I can do is laugh at her. But then it was like something in me changed. The thought that okay... it's okay to cry. Even if it's that ugly loud cry. You know... the loud cry where it almost looks like you're laughing and it usually turns into a laugh because you just can't even imagine how ridiculous you look crying like that...? Thanks to Alpha Dog I'm that girl that cries very easily. 

So last weekend we were meeting with a couple talking about flowers for their wedding day. And while talking about the memorial flower piece they wanted to do the bride's mom started tearing up and instantly I was in the same boat. Or should I say the same puddle and I had to excuse myself because I just kept tearing up. I felt compelled to send them a little apology afterwards and just explain that I just really loved what they were doing for their lost ones and that it touched my heartstrings because I lost my mom and I dream of someday getting to do something similar at my wedding. 

And so with that I was compelled to write a blog post on some ideas I love for how to remember your loved ones you lost at your wedding. And I would love to hear how you remembered your loved ones at your wedding. 


I love the idea of doing a balloon release of some sort. I always thought it'd be really sweet to have a flowergirl or ring bearer (if old enough to understand directions...) to carry those large round balloons down the aisle with a small message tied to the bottom and then when at the end of the aisle have the officiant say a nice message/prayer before they release the balloons.

Or if a flowergirl or ring bearer isn't an option then having a close family member or maybe even a pup with a balloon tied to their collar that you then release from their collar... 

Photography:   Deathy Tree

Photography: Deathy Tree


This idea is one of my absolute favorites that I thought of a few months ago and I really like it and might even someday have to do this in remembrance of my mom. I love the idea of having the very first chair in the front aisle completely covered in greenery and flowers with a really pretty calligraphy wood sign with a nice message on it... Oh gosh, I just tried to look up sayings and I am not kidding I started tearing up again so no ideas for messages coming today because then I'll be a blubbery snotty mess. But you get the idea... something sweet like "For Sandy, if Heaven wasn't so far away..." or something along those lines. I just think that would be awesome and super special. 

Photo via  Pinterest :  source unknown

Photo via Pinterest: source unknown

Photography:   Jessie Webster  via  Crate Blog  // Florals:  Moon Canyon

Photography: Jessie Webster via Crate Blog // Florals: Moon Canyon

Photo via  Swooned  // By:  Flax and Wool

Photo via Swooned // By: Flax and Wool


There's nothing as special as pictures. Especially since they're the one things we can hold on to, other than our memories. I love the idea of doing a DIY project and making something creative and unique to display pictures of loved ones who are no longer with you. I also think something like this is super special because it's something you could even display in your house after the wedding. 

I snagged this idea from one of our couples who is getting married this year... they are having the ringbearer walk down the aisle with a photo of the mom they lost and instead of the ring bearer walking right before the bride he's going to walk in place of when the mom would walk. *Sniffle sniffle*. How precious? I am going to cry just thinking about how sweet that is and I can't wait to witness this special moment. I feel so blessed and lucky that I get to witness and be a part of special moments like that, those special moments filled with so much love to the brim. <3

Photo via Wedding Star [I couldn't find a picture of a ringbearer doing this... so just imagine his super cool briefcase is actually a really sweet picture of your lost loved one!!]

Photo via Wedding Star [I couldn't find a picture of a ringbearer doing this... so just imagine his super cool briefcase is actually a really sweet picture of your lost loved one!!]


I'm sure a lot of you have seen Unity Candle Ceremonies during the ceremony but what about lighting a candle for each person you lost and putting a picture of that person by the candle? I think this would be such a sweet addition to the ceremony and would be a super special way to send your love up to heaven for each of those people, recognizing each of them individually. Would be really special too if you had your parents and siblings light a candle and pass it down until it got to you guys and then you could light the candles at the altar. Oooh, I like that. Really like that.

Dear mom, I love you.

And I know from the bottom of my heart you are with me on the good days laughing with me and on the bad days when I'm crying and need a big ol' momma bear hug. I wish we could have gotten to know each other but I know someday in Heaven we will.

Love you, Nicole

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