What's So Great About Honeymoon Registries?

Guest post brought to you by Sasha Simon.
  Photo site: https://unsplash.com/photos/ihvWWW-Sdtw

Photo site: https://unsplash.com/photos/ihvWWW-Sdtw

Commerce has always been influenced by needs. When problems arise on a wide scale entrepreneurs gather their thoughts and try to create a solution. Clients try the solution and if it worked for them, they spread the news. This is very much how honeymoon registries came to be, and why they are now a part of virtually everyone's wedding.

Conventional wedding gifts such as toaster oven coffee pots, and bath towels are very nice. But today’s bride usually does not need many of them. Couples are waiting until they are settled into their careers and well out of college before they contemplate marriage. Of course, that means living on their own for a while before they marry.

It is now socially acceptable for couples to live together before they marry. This means a merging of two households. By the time they announce their wedding date, they usually have all of the small appliances, linens, and dishes that they need.

So, how does one gift a modern couple? You can go off the grid and buy them something that they probably don’t have (think fondue set or a ceramic hippo) or you step into the current trend and give them a gift they really want.

  Photo site: https://pixabay.com/en/fondue-swiss-fondue-cheese-708185/

Photo site: https://pixabay.com/en/fondue-swiss-fondue-cheese-708185/

What is a honeymoon registry? 

A honeymoon registry is a free online service where couples can create their own wedding site. They can customize the pages with their photos. They can lay out all of their wedding and honeymoon plans and the built-in tools allow them to share this with all of their friends and family.

Honeyfund has been helping couples create their dream honeymoon since 2005. Honeyfund is free for the couple and the guests. They allow guests to pay for items with a credit card, processed through PayPal or WePay. The couple can upgrade to Honeyfunds with added features for a small fee. This service is easy to use, convenient for everyone, and is the social norm of the day.

Isn’t this like asking for money?

A honeymoon registry designed with taste is a perfectly acceptable way to receive wedding gifts. Bridal experts like The Knot, Martha Stewart, and Weddings.com all agree, this is the easiest way to send and receive gifts that are enjoyed and appreciated. That is what gifts are supposed to be. Fun for the giver and the receiver.

Couples list the events they would like to experience on their registry. Perhaps they would like to ride the canals of Venice, or to enjoy a candlelight dinner in Paris, the city of love. They are not asking you to fund their honeymoon. They are offering suggestions for gifts they would love to receive.

The best of both worlds.

Sometimes the couple has a few items they need and they choose to create a conventional wedding registry at a store. People who feel more comfortable with brick and mortar buildings vs a computer may opt out of the honeymoon registry. That is okay. You can link your Honeyfund with your store registries. Everyone is happy.

If you want an easy way to receive physical gifts, set up a registry at Amazon.com and link it to your Honeyfund. You control when and where you receive your gift.

It's just too much to think about...

If this is all too much for you to think about and you want a simple solution, try the latest addition, the Honeyfund gift card. The couple can access their gifts online or offline. This is a fast and easy way to give a gift and let the couple use it as they see fit.

Now you see why honeymoon registries are trending. Set up your Honeyfund well before your wedding and let all of your loved ones know about it. Now go and have the honeymoon of your dreams!