Ditch The Kids Bouquets And Go With Flower Crowns

Okay, so we all know flower crowns are great accessories in any wedding, and when they're on little tots... Tell me you've seen something cuter. I highly doubt it. 

If you are planning on having kids in your wedding, but are somewhat iffy about making them responsible for keeping up with (and not tearing up, eating, etc.) a bouquet, a flower crown may be a better alternative. The kidlets will be free and able to play tag, dance and twirl, and continue all means of reckless behavior without having to keep track of a bouquet. A flower crown would remain pinned in for the night. Bonus: they'll probably feel like a prince or princess. 

Much like bouquets, flower crowns can lean more towards the greenery side, or more floral. Personally, I want 29486 of each. If you're going for a softer look at your wedding, crowns with more greenery and a tad of baby's breath may be the best option. 

Blooms definitely add a little extra something-something, if you're wanting more flowers! I mean, tell me these little nuggets don't look like cherubs? 

Honestly, whether you like greenery or florals, you can't go wrong with a flower crown and the little ones will be cute in anything! Thanks so much for reading! Good luck!