8 Tips for Throwing an UNFORGETTABLE Wedding Party

Everyone loves a good afterparty. This week, we've welcomed author Caroline Bird to the blog to give us the scoop on how to throw a party that your guests are sure to talk about for years to come. 

Weddings are considered to be important occasions; marking a major milestone and the beginning of a new life for the newlyweds. This is why you will spare no effort in making sure that your wedding party is unforgettable. When planning the celebrations associated with a wedding, you will want to ensure that the entertainment ideas you choose will allow you and your guests to have fun. 


There is no doubt that your guests will want to take photos in order to capture special moments during the celebrations. While having a photo booth at the reception may not be considered to be among the most unusual wedding entertainment ideas, the large frames, hats, moustaches and facial expressions will make for goofy and fun moments. 

Wine tasting

If you are looking for alternative wedding entertainment ideas that will add some sophistication to the event, you should consider including a complimentary wine tasting for adult guests. Set up several stations at the reception venue to allow your guests to sample a wide range of exotic wines. You may also consider hiring an expert to share relevant information with your loved ones during the exercise. 


Choosing a suitable Master of Ceremonies for your big day will help to make the ceremony memorable. You should consider selecting a comedian to have your guests in stitches during the wedding party. Since you understand your family and friends, you will be in a position to choose a comedian whose jokes will not offend anyone. 

Kids’ entertainment

When looking for ideas to make your wedding party memorable, you should also think about your younger guests. Face painting will not only help to keep the kids busy but would also be a great idea to explore if you will have a photo booth at the venue of your wedding reception. You can also make toys, coloring books and a host of goodies available to ensure that kids are entertained during the event.

Live performances

Music, they say, is food for the soul. This is why you should consider playing music at your wedding party. However, if you are to make it memorable, you may want to go for live performances. Getting a DJ, band or belly dancers to keep your guests entertained will make for a more engaging way to celebrate your big day. A DJ will play your choice of music and may get your guests on the dance floor. 


Your guest are more likely to remember your special day if you include unique wedding entertainment ideas in your wedding party. Since there is a good chance that all your guests will be in the mood to celebrate, a bonfire and some fireworks in the evening will help to mark the day in style. A professional fireworks display will have your guests thinking about the wedding party for a considerable period of time. 

Games and fun activities

There are a number of games and fun activities that can help to get your guests to interact with each other. Bowling, mini golf, croquet and dance contests are some of the activities you should consider. The newlyweds can also engage in a fun activity that will entertain guests. 

Sing your wish

When celebrations are almost coming to an end and guests are about to leave, you can give them a chance to sing their wishes for you and your spouse. Although this is one of the best wedding evening entertainment ideas, you should consider informing your guests early enough in order to avoid embarrassments. 

Proper planning will help you to achieve a successful and unforgettable wedding party. You should think about involving your bridesmaids and wedding planner in suggesting and choosing the best wedding entertainment ideas.

Thanks again to author Caroline Bird for contributing this week's guest post!