SHOP TALK: Marnie on HBO's Girls gets Married

Are ya'll as obsessed with the HBO Show, Girls, as Adrienna and I are? Well, if you are then I'm sure you caught the Season Premier this past Sunday... and of course we had to blog about it considering the episode was about Marnie's wedding. Before we talk how to pull off a Marnie-fied wedding can we just gossip for two seconds?! 

First things first, my comments to the characters: Marnie... you drive me crazy!!!!!!! You are the most annoying person in the world and I'm so grateful I don't have any friends like you. And if I did well, I would not ever want to be your bridesmaid. Jessa... I do not like the fact that you kissed Adam... I will forever be Team Adam & Hannah and I just really don't like you very much at all. Ray... I do like you because I think you're a good guy but why on earth do you like the most annoying stuck-up person in the entire universe? Dessy... how have you been engaged 8 times?! That's crazy banana pants. Hannah... I kind of find your new boyfriend boring and you need to be made aware of your back-stabbing friend Jessa who's off kissing your real soul mate. Shosh... you're just as hilarious as ever and I hope that even though you live in Japan that you are still in this season a lot because you make me laugh a lot. 

And now, enough of that... can we please talk Marnie's wedding!? And here's my tips on how to re-create her wedding look/style...

BRIDAL LOOK: Brit by Daughters of Simone (available at Ivory & Beau in March), with a flower crown of wildflowers, lacy funky booties, a soft side-swept braid with a Twigs & Honey hair vine and subtle makeup. 

DECOR: a birch arch with wildflowers, paper lanterns & cafe lights hanging everywhere, an open field and an acoustic guitar. 

To shop Daughters of Simone or Twigs & Honey click below! Would love to hear your opinions of the new season of Girls!!! Would you ever want to rock Marnie's style? And who is your favorite character? And more importantly, what character on Girls are you?! We did the Buzzfeed quiz and while I was Elijah, which I thought was pretty odd... Adrienna got Shosh, which is so super like totally omg obvious. Happy tv watching!!!! x, n

But seriously, I love Hannah so much... 

But seriously, I love Hannah so much... 

{Photo Credits} Girls Wedding via People // "Brit" by Daughters of Simone available at Ivory & Beau // Flower Crown via Ruffled, photography: Alyssia B Photography // Strut Reaction Wedges via ModCloth // Hair Vine by Twigs & Honey available at Ivory & Beau // Ceremony Arch via Martha Stewart Weddings, photography: Sara Hasstedt // Bouquet via Ruffled, photography: Lauren Fair // Cafe lights via Luna Bazaar // Paper Lanterns via Luna Bazaar // Floral Canopy Foil Invitation Suite via Minted ]