I + B FLORALS: Bigger is Better

I love making bouquets. So much. I just wish that I could make them all the time. And you know what I love more than making bouquets? I love making bouquets that are really freaking big. And I am not going to lie, there have been several times where Adrienna has told me it's time to stop and she's pulled me away from a bouquet. Because seriously I feel like I could just keep going.. and going... and just one more bloom here... oh and what about here... and keep going... and going... and two more blooms on this side... oh but now we need more on this side... and going... So when KC hired us to make a bouquet for her wedding pictures with Apt B Photography I was beyond thrilled and excited at the chance to get to make one hell of a big bouquet. 


Congratulations to KC & Santo and thanks for sharing the pictures with us Wendy!!! Interested in getting pricing and a custom floral proposal? Click below to contact us for your wedding, bridal portraits, engagement session, party, or just because!! 

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Apt B Photography