We use the details you enter into these worksheets to put together a Day-of Timeline that includes more details than just the timeline. If you have questions or need assistance while filling out please let us know and we can definitely talk through it! Also, we know sometimes it's easier for clients to talk through these details so if you would prefer to set up a phone call/in-person meeting/skype session please don't hesitate to ask. And if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the questions, do not worry! Not all questions apply to all clients. These are not at all made to stress you out but rather our way of gathering the information we need from you to ensure that we know all the details of your wedding day so that we can ensure a smoothly run day that is everything you want. Thank you so much!! 


Name *
Typically a maid of honor, bridesmaid or sister for example. Please provide their phone number.
If you don't know this time do not worry - we contact your photographer directly to find out their photo schedule.
For unusual pronunciations please include phonetic spelling. Grand entrances can include as many people as you would like or can be just for the bride and groom.
Typically we will at least have them announce that the bride & groom, family and bridal party can help themselves first then a free-for-all after if you don't want all table #'s released. This only applies to buffets and stations.
Typically these are done towards the end of dinner. We oversee how dinner is going and then will find the toasters and make sure they are ready before having the DJ announce for them to start. However, you can have these at any time during the night.
For example: money dance, anniversary dance, Hora Loca, etc.
For example: sparkles, confetti, bubbles, smoke bombs, etc.
For example: limo, pedicab, vintage car, bicycle, etc. And if not, how will you be getting back to your hotel or to downtown?
For example: we often take to a hotel or vacation rental or pack into a parent or bridal party member's car.


Name *
Start & finish time? Will they have a 2nd shooter?
Start & finish time? Will they have a 2nd shooter?
What style dinner is it? Buffet? Stations? Plated?
What is the bar package? Specialty drinks? Are they providing glassware? Other details?
Please send us a copy of the rental items they are providing.
Please send us a copy of the rental items they are providing.
Details of lighting?
Please send us a copy of the rental items they are providing.
Start & finish time? Are they providing props or are you?
How many people are getting hair done?M
How many people are getting makeup done?
Getting ready location
Getting ready location


Name *
And if so, will they be passed out? In a basket? On the chairs?
For example: bubbles, confetti, fans, etc.
If you will be having a candle, will you be providing a lighter?
For example: candles, aisle runner, aisle markers, etc.
For example: handkerchiefs, welcome signs, water bottles, etc. Please provide details for how these items need to be set up and where they are to be set up.
Please provide details for how/where, etc.
Where and how should these be set up?
If it needs an easel please be sure to provide. We have one easel in stock that can be used if necessary.
Will you be providing pens?
Will favors be at the cocktail hour? On each person's place setting? Somewhere else?
Any special details as to how/where do you want them set can be included here.
For example: bar menus, specialty straws, coasters, napkins, etc.
And if so, please use this space to describe any special decor for this table.
If so, please be sure to provide us the seating chart.
Please give us details as to how they need to be set.
For example: food labels, etc.
And if we are to set the tables, please let us know how you want the napkin folded, flatware set, etc.
For example: plates, napkins, utensils, glassware, chargers, etc.
Do you want these at the cake table or at your place setting?
Will these be at the dessert table or their place setting?
Do you have a particular layout for how you want these set up? Will we be setting up or the bakery?