Pyropet: Meowy Christmas to the Cat-lover

Today here with a non-wedding post but just a fun review of PyroPet candles. First things first, I am in love and want them all. They kind of remind me of Pokemon... gotta catch 'em all, you know? Secondly, thank you to PyroPet for reaching out to us review their badass candles!!!! We are huge fans already! Anyway, check out below these awesome candles to read our thoughts on these furra-licious animal-loving candles and be sure to head to PyroPet to get yours for the animal lover in your family for Christmas!!

So not only is the candle really cool but everything about this brand is pretty rad including the box the candle came in. Yup, my box is on our bookshelves at home as we speak because I loved the design of it. I'll probably eventually cut out the front part and frame it for a funky lil cat graphic but for now the box will do. Oh, by the way, they do have more animals than just the cat but of course my favorite was the cat. Although, the reindeer is pretty rad too. 

The candle itself is a funky geometric shape and they come in a variety of colors. I picked gray because well, I love the color gray. Is gray technically a color? Hm. But yeah, so I picked gray and I loved it. The size is perfect for a small plate so no need to even go out and buy anything for this. I love it's modern style and it fit perfectly with the decor of the shop. Honestly, the only thing I don't like about the candle? It's so badass I didn't ever want to burn it because I love the shape and style of it how it is. But lo and behold, I finally gave in...

Yup see..... I finally lit it. 

And the skull finally reveals itself..... So I guess there's a silver lining, quite literally silver lining, about burning the candle and that is that underneath it all is a silver metal cat skeleton. So. So. So. Rad. 

So now while we don't quite get a really cool gray geometric cat shaped candle to look at we do have the remnants of it and it looks just as cool if you ask me!!!! Their site currently has the candles in cats, reindeer, bunnies and birds in a variety of cool colors. They are reasonably priced and so perfect for an unexpected Christmas gift!!! And they are also sold on Amazon and are available for Amazon Prime (my favorite) so you can be sure to get it in time for the holidays!!! 

Anyway, huge thank you to PyroPet!!!! Ivory & Beau gives this product 5.0 stars!!