GUEST POST- Pets at your wedding

Member of the Wedding Party

Of course, the most obvious way to include your dog is to make him an official member of your wedding party. Some dogs are held by other members of the wedding party, while others are trained to walk down the aisle on their own. Either way, don’t forget to buy a cute tuxedo or formal dress so your dog can follow the dress code. If you plan on including your dog in the wedding party, make sure that you take the time to address any behavioral issues he may have prior to your big day. Nothing will kill the romantic mood more than a barking or growling dog walking down the aisle.

Pictures Only

If some of your guests are allergic to or scared of dogs, it may not be a good idea to have your pet stick around for the entire ceremony and reception. Instead, include your dog in the pictures with your family members and bridal party and then have someone take him back home. By doing this, you will still get pictures of your little family together on this special day, but you won’t irritate or bother any of your guests.

Photo by  The Happy Bloom

Cake Topper

It’s common to see custom cake toppers that are designed to look like the happy couple. If you plan on using this type of cake topper, don’t forget to include your pet. Add a cake topper that resembles your dog and put it right next to the toppers that look like you and your spouse. This is a great way to make your cake more personal and unique while also honoring your dog.

Photo Booth

Will you have an open photo booth at your wedding? Many couples give their guests props to use such as fake mustaches, funny signs, and outrageous hats so they can snap silly photos of themselves. If your dog is well behaved, have him sit by the photo booth so guests can bring him into the picture as well. Your guests will jump at the opportunity to cuddle up to your cute dog and take funny photos next to him.

Photo by Rach Loves Troy 

Photo by Rach Loves Troy 

Use Photos

Some venues will not allow you to bring your dog to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t be a part of your big day. Find a way to incorporate photos of your pet throughout the ceremony or reception so you can feel his presence. For example, use an elegant black and white photo of your pet as the backdrop for your table numbers or ceremony programs. Couples can also attach a photo of themselves with their dog onto the wedding favors. These are just a few simple ways to honor your dog at venues that are not pet-friendly.

Use one of these ideas to ensure every member of your family—even the furry ones—can be included in your big day!