Rainy Forsyth Mini Shoot: Tips for a rainy wedding day

We love being by the coast, nothing can beat sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets. But being by the coast also means we tend to get a lot of rain, especially in the spring and summer. (And as we well know, hurricanes!) But today we wan't to focus on the positive: How to make a rainy day the best day for your wedding! Our friend Wendy at Apt B Photography had a rainy day for her mini shoot with Jessica & Matt, and she made the best of it! The couple walked around Forsyth park, with a clear umbrella and smiles on their faces (and a boutique by Ivory & Beau!)

1. Umbrellas: We love clear umbrellas, since they keep you dry and get awesome pictures! Wendy used a clear umbrella for Jessica & Matt's shoot, and it wasn't distracting at all. It allowed you to see each of them, and made for a cute prop. You can rent umbrella's for all of your guests (Try Amazing Event Rentals!) or just get a handful for those taking pictures outside. 

2. Rain Backup: The most important part of keeping a rainy day wedding successful: A good rain back up plan! No matter when your wedding is, we always reccomend a rain back up. Whether you get married in the reception venue, or rent a tent, having a solid plan is important. This way you can stress less the night before if you have to use the rain back up plan, and know that it is all taken care of. 

3. Rain boots & Jacket: Your wedding dress is a valuable piece of the day! Make sure to protect it with a rain jacket (a hood is a plus!). We also reccomend rain boots! Rain boots and a wedding dress can be an oh-so-cute combo, and your feet will thank us later! 

4. A Good Attitude: The most important part? A good attitude! Rain might not be ideal, but this is still a special day, filled with love and the people you care about most. Focus on the happy part, that you are getting married! Regardless of the weather, you will have an amazing day, that we can promise. 

{Vendor Credits} Photography by Apt B Photography // Gown by Kate McDonald, Veil by Adele Amelia, available at Ivory & Beau // Bouquet by Ivory & Beau