Groovy Groomsmen Gifts: Your Buddy's Buddie [REVIEW]


groovy groomsmen gifts

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts offers a large variety of gifts for groomsmen! Whether your dudes are sporty, nerdy,  lumberjacky, or whatever they may be, you can find the perfect gift that they won't toss after the wedding! 

Almost everything they offer can be personalized as well, which adds such a special touch to the gift. From cufflinks to wallets to flasks to customized baseballs, they certainly will have a gift that matches your men!

This is one area of your wedding planning that your soon to be hubby will for sure enjoy! 

Your Buddy's Buddies Gift Set


One of our favorite gifts from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is their Buddy's Buddies Gift Set! 

This set includes:

➤  Personalized Wooden Box

➤  Personalized Pocket Knife

➤  Personalized 2 oz. Shot Glass

All of these items can be personalized with the same name or initials OR you can have each item different! Your shot glass could say Frank, your knife could say FM, and your box could say Mozingo! 

We LOVE this combo because it works for just about every guy that we know! Who doesn't ever need to cut somethings and drink a little? This might sound like a dangerous combo, but lets be real, your groomsmen will likely get into a little trouble with or without your help. 

Plus, the Buddy's Buddies has a five star review on their site!  ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

To prove that this is a great gift, we had Adrienna's boyfriend, Frank, do a review! His favorite part was the personalized box, which he wants to use as a watch box. (He also said the box smelled good!) Frank agreed that it would make a great gift, and that it's something he would give his friends! 

"I really like the knife. It's sharp, and is useful. The shot glass is a nice touch, and can go on my kitchen counter. It has my two favorite things, violence and alcohol!" (Don't worry, he is military, not a maniac) 

So go ahead, go get that gift that you know your guys will spend endless days cutting whatever comes their way and endless nights celebrating! They will be sure to thank you later!