Meet the Ivory & Beau Team: Emily Cummings

Emily Cummings, some of which you may know from her famous “susscribe y’all’s” at the end of our YouTube videos, is 24 years young and full of spunk and attitude. Emily is our flower fairy god mother here at I&B and believe us she has made MANY a flower wish come true over the two years she has been on our team. We all know Emily has a passion for flowers, so why not get to know her just a bit more…

  1. What is your favorite pasta shape?

    Bowtie, for sure

  2. Where is your favorite place to eat in Savannah?

    Bull Street Taco

  3. Favorite breed of dog?

    Golden Retriever

  4. Hardest you’ve ever laughed?

    In recent memory, was when I got pushed off my bed, I stared at my ceiling and laugh cried

  5. Favorite cereal?

    Cocoa Puffs

  6. Last time you cried during a movie/TV show?

    Grey’s Anatomy, they just put season 15 on Netflix by the way.

  7. Worst travel experience you’ve ever had?

    Losing the keys to our car after we road tripped to Atlanta…we had to fly home

  8. Best memory you have had at Ivory & Beau?

    Getting our flower cooler, which I have just named Penelope

  9. Dream vacation destination?

    Italy…anywhere in Italy

  10. One concert you wish you could see?

    The first night of the CMA festival

  11. Favorite cheat day snack?

    The birthday cake ice cream from MooMcGinns

  12. Most impressive, useless skill you have?

    I can say the alphabet backwards (you have to watch the video to see her display this skill)

  13. Last text message on your phone?

    I sent “how was shadowing today?” to my boyfriend who was shadowing a dentist as he is trying to go to dental school.

  14. Most recent photo on your phone?

    A picture of the sunset last night!

  15. Favorite flower?

    White peonies

Check out a more in-depth interview with Emily on our YouTube channel!