Vendor Friend: Fête Savannah

This week we had the honor of meeting up with the owner behind, Fête Savannah, and chatting a bit about her services, Savannah and all the awesomeness she has in store for you babes headed to Savannah for those much needed girls' getaways!!! I'm all about a good girls' trip and as I'm in the midst of planning my wedding along with all our other clients I have to say I'm a bit jealous I didn't have someone like Marguerite to plan all the details for my bachelorette trip. Although I can't complain since in 2 months I'll be cruising to the Bahamas with some of my closest babes and I can't even wait. *Scroll to the bottom to see some of my must-haves for a bachelorette weekend!!!*

What is Fête Savannah?

Fête Savannah is a planning company that helps plan all the details for your girls' getaway to the historic city. She "take(s) the stress out of your party so you can focus on making memories with your favorite friends." She plans every last thing from the lodging to meal reservations, a custom itinerary & more plus gifts, booking, spa, etc. 


Did I mention you had me at party?! Plus... I have to mention she has connections with so many local Savannah businesses. So when you book through her you get a handy guide book with all the businesses that offer special deals to the babes on your trip. So... party? Check. Shop? Double check. 

Here's a little more about Marguerite and this awesome business she is rocking!! 

  1. A little about Marguerite!
    She is from Rome, GA and graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Chem and Spanish.... and while she still works as a chemist during the week, she followed her social butterfly heart and is now a party planner by night/weekend. A very social lady, she didn't want to just be behind the scenes as a chemist so had this idea to get into planning bachelorette and women's trips for girls. Always a trip planner for friends and family, the dream of being a party planner for groups coming to Savannah came to life in the form of Fête Savannah.
  2.  What's your favorite thing about planning trips/parties/events? 
    Creating a time for people to have fun and a good time. And let's be real, genuine girl time is so important so being a part of creating those memories is super special to her. And Savannah is an awesome city obviously. 
  3. Favorite bar in Savannah? 
    A classy lady never offends so her answer... "Anywhere I can drink outside." <<I agree, Savannah weather is like a vacation every day so being outside is the best.
  4. Favorite cocktail? 
    A refreshing mojito
  5. Why should a group of fab women choose Savannah for their weekend adventure? 
    Savannah is one of the prettiest cities in Georgia and it's perfect for photo ops. And duhhhh girls love photos. It also has great nightlife and is a walkable city where you don't have to worry about getting in a car, which is great for a weekend adventure. And the restaurants!!!! So many new restaurants, great food, not super expensive, new places all the time. And fun activities like history and the beach. 
  6. How long are the trips you plan? Is there any limit to length? 
    No limit to length... to have the best experience in Savannah she recommends a minimum of 3 full-days to explore. And if you're hungover one of the days then at least you have one more day... 
  7. What was the best bachelorette trip/party you've ever been on and what made it awesome? 
    She went on a trip to Miami, which rocked. Crystal clear water and lots of dancing and nightlife, which was super fun. And yummy food. She even mentioned that Miami feels like a different country, which I personally can't comment on unfortunately since I've never ventured that far but hopefully someday soon. 

If you're interested in more details of Fête Savannah and her services click below!!! Tell her you found her through us!!! :-) 

Alright so bachelorette/girl's weekend booked? Check! Now time to pack!!! Here are some of my top picks for a girls' weekend getaway and some of the things on my list for my cruising vacation in a few months... 


[Shopping Guide] Eyelet Caro Dress via Rent the Runway // Chic White Earrings via Lulu's // No Excuses Sunscreen via Julep // It's Whipped Matte Lipstick via Julep // Day to Daylight Sun Hat via Modcloth // Miss L Fire Boldness Begets Bliss Peep Toe Sandal via Modcloth // Bride Tribe Arrow Cups via For Your Party // Delores Black & White Striped Tote via Lulu's // Quay Kitti Sunglasses in Noir via Modcloth // Tropical Cold Shoulder Top via Rent the Runway // Cecilio White Espadrille Flatform Sandals via Lulu's

And because while the adorable clothes and shoes are obviously a must... what about the fun stuff?!!?!?! If you know me at all you know that I love to laugh and have fun and be a little outlandish at times... so... here's some of my top picks from Target for fun in the sun, pool time and the ocean!!


Last but not least... she is in the process of revamping a vintage camper that will be a BAR. #WHAT. #MUSTHAVE. Fête Chalet is going to be the most rad bar Savannah weddings have ever seen and I am having this at my wedding because WHAT. Seriously the coolest thing ever. Cannot wait to see it in it's completion and if you're interested in any of our planning services so we can help you find rad vendors like Fête Chalet... click below! We can't wait to hear from you!!! 

Image via  Pinterest  from  My Sweet Alice

Image via Pinterest from My Sweet Alice


Thanks for reading!!!! We hope you enjoyed and now... who's ready for mimosas, fruity drinks and a pool party????? xoxoxo, N

[Photo Credits] Mimosa Bar, Fête Cookies & Brunch via Fête Savannah

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