Falyn & Sy

Falyn was one of those brides you can't forget. She was not only so kind and caring, but was such a joy to work with! She was looking for a soft, romantic, and bohemian gown for her wedding at Boone Hall Plantation, which is one of the most stunning places on the coast. It features the Avenue of Oaks, where old oak trees draped with Spanish Moss wow guests, and a stunning dock view at the Cotton Dock, overlooking the Wamponcheeoone Creek. She came in with an eye for Sarah Seven, a boho designer with amazing fabrics that blow in the wind effortlessly. She chose Cascade, one of our favorite gowns. It features cream georgette, with gold lace cascading down the skirt. She paired it with a rose gold sash, that added the perfect amount of color. (And fun fact! Not only did her sister get her gown with us too.. they both got Sarah Seven, and both wore the same sash! Now if that isn't the cutest thing in the world, I don't know what is!) Congratulations Falyn & Sy!

One of my favorite wedding traditions at weddings is feet washing. This is a moment where the groom washes the brides feet, and visa versa. This shows the love and honor they have for each other, and is deeply rooted in Christian traditions. It represents the honor Christ showed for his disciples when he washed their feet, but has so many more meanings then that! It shows your love for each other, your honor, your humility, and your communication. 

Falyn and Sy incorporated this tradition in their beautiful sunset ceremony overlooking the water. The Cotton Dock is nestled amongst the title marsh, on the banks of the Wamponcheeoone Creek. It's such a stunning view!

Gown: Cascade by Sarah Seven // Sash: Marisol Aparicio // Boutique: Ivory & Beau // Photographer: Branches Wedding Co. // Location: Boone Hall Planation