Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Showering a bride is an important - and fun! - part of the wedding process. Showers prove to be a nice time to help equip the soon-to-be Mrs. with everything she’ll need for her home and they are also the perfect time to show your love and affection for the bride.

While these parties are a long-held tradition among the world of weddings, there is no shortage of creative ideas to help you personalize the party to fit the bride’s tastes and interests. It’s always fun to put a touch of flair onto a special celebration, so keep scrolling for some bridal shower inspiration!


Blast from the past

Peppering a shower with some cool vintage finds can be just what you need to make it feel unique and personalized. Plus, you can keep costs low by perusing thrift shops or tag sales for the perfect items. Use beautiful old vases to create centerpieces or old linens to adorn the tables. This will give the shower more character and will provide the bride with some mementos to take home and treasure forever.

 Photography by Foto Bohemia 

Photography by Foto Bohemia 

Film inspired

Hey Hollywood! If you’re bride-to-be has a favorite movie or an actress that she idolizes, it could be fun to center her shower around that interest. You can set up a “concession stand,” decorate with famous quotes that tie into the theme, and even have someone put together a little movie trailer dedicated to the bride. This is an out-of-the-box theme that will be loved and appreciated without a doubt.


Pampering the Bride

Every bride needs some time for herself.  So pamper her and let her indulge in all of her favorite things… Donuts, cakes, cookies, flowers, or even a home spa day will guarantee to put a smile on her face and sure do make it more fun to celebrate.


Something sparkling

Some people are drawn to glitz, glam, and sparkle, so why not indulge the star-studded bride in her favorite style? Decorate everything to be as radiant and sparkly as possible, even ensuring that the drinks are “sparkling” and bubbly. The bride is sure to feel like a million bucks at this shower, and the guests will love it too!

Book bonanza

For a bride that always has her nose in a book, turn her shower into a library to make all of her dreams come true! Besides kitchenware and other home accessories, a couple that enjoys books will want to equip their home with those, too. Send out library cards or bookmarks as invitations, have every guest bring their favorite book as a gift, and allow everyone to make custom bookplates as a shower game and you have yourself a bookish themed party!


Honeymoon shower

If the bride-to-be already has an abundance of home items or just would appreciate an out-of-the-box shower, throw her one for her honeymoon! If she’ll be visiting the islands, give the party a tropical theme or make it a luau. There are so many great directions you could take this idea in, and providing the bride with all of her vacation necessities will make her even more excited for the big trip.

 Photography by Apt B Photography

Photography by Apt B Photography

If you’re planning a shower for a family member or friend, there’s no shortage of options to ensure that it’s stylish, special, and memorable. Use these creative ideas to put your own spin on it and the guest of honor is sure to love how original her special day turns out to be.

By Shannon Lochwood