Bridal Separates with Rebecca Schoneveld

Today we are going to show you all of the fun ways you can style bridal separates! We love being able to mix and match looks to customize a bride's wedding look. Our interns took it upon themselves to put together the best looks for you, but we'll let them introduce themselves before we delve into the details!

Hi everyone! My name is Paige and I've been working at Ivory and Beau for just over a month now. As an intern, there isn't anything more exciting than the opportunity to play dress up with all of our fun trunk show pieces. My personal favorite looks today made use of a combination of texture and color. I've never been a simple girl, so when putting together looks, I went for lots of high glam accessories and separates. 

Hey y'all. My name is Hannah! Same as Paige, I'm an intern here at Ivory and Beau-but only for the past week. Today we got to have some fun and style a few looks for y'all. Some of my favorite looks include color, layering and sparkle!

Our base for all of the looks we created today is this beautiful strapless gown by Rebecca Schoneveld. We love this gown because it provides the perfect blank canvas for any look you may want to create.

Paige: Our first look is just perfect for the classic bride looking to add a twist of personality. The lace detail in the skirt adds a touch of romantic detail to the gown, while the blingy Jaclyn Jordan belt brings a pop of color to the ensemble. I feel like this look would make for the perfect ceremony combination, and it would be easy to add a fun and funky skirt to take it to the next level for the reception.

Hannah: This mermaid lace skirt is for the romantic bride. The skirt has a really beautiful train that makes it kinda extra extra but it’s not too over the top. The blue sash adds a little bit more interest with the sparkle and the color adds a fun twist from the traditional white ensemble.

Paige: Options galore! This full-skirt combo was among my favorites. I think the exact terminology I used was “sassy ballerina?” I simply adore how magical this skirt is, and I love how it adds personality to an otherwise simple gown without being too overwhelming. If you are looking to add more sparkle (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), this blingy overlay top is perfect for you!

Hannah: I love this look beacuse this champagne skirt adds a lot of visual interest with the layers of tulle and personally, I love the dresses that aren’t all white! You also have the option of adding a super glam overlay that I think we’re all obsessed with! We also added a beautiful structured hem veil that drapes so beautiful with the asymmetrical look of the skirt.  

Paige: I would totally choose this chic leather jacket for a high fashion bride. Not only is it amazing to look at, but it’s amazingly comfortable to wear. Hannah had the totally on-point idea to add a shock of color with a burgundy sash by Adele Amelia. This would be a great look for a fall/winter wedding!

Hannah: This look is pretty bad-ass. If you’re looking for a unique look- this leather jacket is for you. You can wear it for the ceremony or reception- it’s so versatile. To add even more spicey-ness, add this burgundy sash to vamp it up.


Paige: This boho combo is absolutely to die for. The delicate detail in this lace overlay top is perfect for any bride who is looking to add a touch of boho-chic to an otherwise classic silhouette. Hannah chose the perfect blusher veil to add a bit of further sophistication to the look… she’s basically the accessory queen!  

(P.S. hey Wilbur!) 

Hannah: To go into more of the boho looks, we have this beautiful lace overlay. This is a super romantic look, but is still chill and sexy. We felt like adding a blusher veil would complete this look because of it’s romantic feel.


Paige: This romantic lace overlay is the perfect way to add your own twist without compromising the classic outline of our simple mermaid base gown. Our resident accessory queen also picked this beautiful Marisol Aparicio to pair with it. Personally, I love the way that the lace details in the veil complement the lace in the overlay without being too overwhelming.

Hannah: If you want a hint of lace, this crop overlay is for you. It adds a perfect amount without overpowering the simplicity of the base dress. We added this lace veil to compliment the lace overlay but the lace isn’t all over the veil so it doesn’t overwhelm the look.


Paige: The detail in this top is everything! If you feel the same way, you might prefer to forgo a skirt and pair this top with a simple belt instead. I love this combo because it gives you a chance to really bring out the bling with a sparkly tiara or a glittering bracelet.

Hannah: This is one of my favorite looks. It’s so so chic and elegant. The beaded top is so glamourous and the skirt is so classically beautiful. We paired this thin blue velvet belt with this look because it ties the whole look together.

Paige: Hannah and I cannot get over how perfect this look turned out. These two pieces came together like a match made in heaven. This sexy strappy top adds a touch of sweet with the use of glittery floral detail, and I’m simply in love with this sassy ballerina gown. The detail in the Hushed Commotion belt ties the whole look together--literally.  

Hannah: This is my all time favorite look. The silver-ish/kinda gold bustier crop top is super sexy and glamourous and the champagne full skirt are so beautiful together. It’s an unexpected combination that compliments each other so well. We added this gold belt with gold leaves and an opal jewel piece in the middle that ties the colors together. I’m obsessed with this and no one can or will tell me differently.