Top 5 MUST HAVES for Your Bridal Getting-Ready Suite!

Photography by  Sunny Lee Photography

Photography by Sunny Lee Photography

The big day is coming up fast-- congrats babe! We know you’ve been SO busy getting every last detail right. We can’t imagine all the butterflies you’ll have when you finally get to gather your bride tribe and get ready for your “I Do’s.” To keep things running smoothly in your getting ready bridal suite, the I&B team put our heads together to decide on our top five morning-of essentials!

Mimosa bar (and LOTS of snacks)

Photography by  Rich Burkhart

Photography by Rich Burkhart

What’s a wedding day without a little champagne? Elevate your breakfast game with a mimosa bar complete with different tropical juices for added flare. Grab some cute wine charms to keep everyone’s glasses from getting mixed up-- we promise your girls will use them again and again. While you’re at it, you may want to consider adding in a spread of all your favorite snacks (Chick Fil A platter, anyone?) to prevent any upset stomachs or light heads.

All the phone chargers!

Though you’ll probably be too busy partying it up at your wedding to notice if your phone is dead, the getting ready process can be LOOOOONG. You’ll spend plenty of time scrolling through Instagram and crushing candy as you’re getting your hair and makeup done, so to be safe, be sure to have plenty of phone chargers on hand. Nobody wants to argue over who gets it (though here at the shop, we’re of the belief that the bride gets the charger first-- even if her percentage isn’t the lowest).

Photography by  Rich Burkhart

Photography by Rich Burkhart

Add in a wedding emergency kit for good measure.

We know, we know: we’ve bombarded you with this advice over and over again. We just can’t stress how important it is to be prepared for EVERY wedding day scenario. Sewing kits, scissors, advil, band-aids, and tampons are just a few items you should keep stocked juuuuuust in case. You never know what mother nature will throw at you!

Photography by  Katie Whitcomb

Photography by Katie Whitcomb

Speakers & a playlist full of your favorite wedding day jams!

Speaking of being prepared… have you finished your getting-ready playlist yet? Ask your girls what their favorite songs are and compile them all into one big mash up to keep you energized on the morning of (because let's be real, wedding excitement aside, you’re getting up WAAAAY too early to be peppy otherwise). Between makeup sessions and mimosa sippin’, bust into a happy dance with the people you love most and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Handy touch-up essentials.

Photography by  Rich Burkhart

Photography by Rich Burkhart

For a wedding day look that won’t melt-- even in the Georgia heat-- pack along some essentials for after your expert bridal stylists leave. Hairspray, bobby pins, and a comb are handy for settling flyaways after a long portrait session. Our top tip? Keep setting spray in the fridge to mist yourself down AND preserve your bridal makeup. This trip has saved us so many times!

What are you bringing to your bridal suite? Let us know in the comments down below or find us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Photography by  Lyndsey Anne

Photography by Lyndsey Anne