What Did You Need on Your Wedding Day? Bridal Emergency Kit Must-Haves!


Happy New Year, Ivory & Beau Brides! We’re so excited to announce that the first 10 brides who say YES to the dress at the #I&BWhiteWarehouse in January will receive their very own bridal survival kit! Each item in the kit was handpicked by (recently wed) I&B owner, Nicole based on items that she used on her own special day.

  1. Bobby pins. Nicole had flowers and braids in her hair! She also loves to get her groove on. There were multiple times someone had to help touch up her hair.

  2. Small purse to store the necessities. You can’t have a bunch of little pieces without somewhere to put them (duh)!

  3. Safety pins. Perfect for keeping that bustle in place. In the case that your bustle comes undone while you’re bustin’ a move, you’ll be glad to have these lil guys around.

  4. Panty liners. You never know when you’re going to laugh so hard you’re going to pee! And hey, let’s be real: sometimes your nerves just get the best of you. Either way, it’s nice to be prepared. Sometimes Nicole gets so excited she pees a little bit (we still love her though).

  5. Water bottle. Hydrating is SUPER important! After the ceremony, you’re going to be thirsty and you’re going to be grateful for that water bottle. This way you can hydrate before the alcohol consumption begins.

  6. Mini shot bottle. You never know when you’re going to need a little liquid courage. This can come in handy before the ceremony or during pictures! (PS: Our expert wedding coordinators always make sure the first thing you get after the ceremony is a water bottle! Afterwards, we bring you appetizers and your drink of choice from your signature drinks! Food and drinks are way important, y’all.)

  7. Eyelash glue. If you’re a crier (like Nicole..) your eyelashes may peel off a little. A friend with eyelash glue is a friend indeed.

  8. Deodorant. Nerves = sweats! Stay fresh all night with a mini deodorant and touch up whenever you need.

  9. Advil. The only thing that should be pounding is the DJ Booth. Keep headaches and aching feet at bay with a little pain-killer action.

  10. Anti-nausea medicine. Did you know that Nicole was so nervous on the morning of her wedding day that she couldn’t eat? It’s super important to make sure you’re feeling 100%. We’ve got your back with these nausea busters!

  11. Hanky. For the happy tears. Trust us… there will be plenty!