I&B Dresses: Rebecca Ingram & Jenny Yoo // Healthy Bride Feature

So you're getting married... and you want to look your best... and the pressure is on... I've been there. I am there. With that looming wedding date coming up quicker than I know it, I feel the pressure getting heavier and heavier with each week that passes and with each splurge I treat myself to. I think if I'm being honest I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I'm not entirely sure where it stems from but I do know living in a household where there was never junk food or snacks or anything yummy and healthy dinners and then going to my grandparents every summer where I lived off of Zebra cakes, Fruity Pebbles, candy dishes always filled and salami sandwiches probably wasn't the best for a kid. I would go from barely eating because I didn't like the nuts and seeds in the pantry to gorging on all the yummiest of foods. 

Fast forward to now and I struggle with food. From being very disciplined eating every 2-3 hours, counting every calorie, munching on carrot sticks between meals to the weekend where my fiance and I just truly enjoy life and use any small excuse as a reason to celebrate with a date night... And then feeling guilty and bad that I have a wedding coming up and a dress to fit into and I want to look and feel my best. And the struggle is not fun to say the least. 

So when I ran across Ginny Leavitt's instagram post featuring our Rebecca Ingram gown talking about helping brides feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day I was instantly intrigued and so I delved in to find out more about what she is all about and of course along the way I'll share some of the gorgeous images photographed by Kelsey Halm featuring our dresses! 

Ginny Leavitt is a health consultant. Very different from a personal trainer. She got her Bachelor in Exercise Physiology and through her career she ended up working at the Weight Management Location in Charleston. This was her first introduction into health coaching. She got involved with brides when some friends in the wedding industry asked her advice for how to stay on track and feel confident in wedding dresses. So in March of this year she decided to segway and switch gears to help brides specifically. 

My biggest question was when we chatted was - what actually is the difference between health coaching and personal training? 

The key difference is that health coaching is "client-centered." A health coach works as a guide to help the client with what they want to do with their health. This is more sustainable because it focuses on what works for the client and is specific to them.

Ginny has created a program called the "Healthy Bride Experience" [ummm hello, *raises hand,* I need some healthy bride experience because all this see-sawing back and forth between healthy as can be to a splurging let-me-get-seconds-that-tastes-so-good human sounds so much better.] She has 2 courses - one that is 8 weeks long and one that is 16 weeks long. The courses include a workbook to fill out every week, these guide you through the coaching program. The "Healthy Bride Experience" is now just about weight loss... it's about wedding stress, healthy eating AND what to do after the wedding has come and gone. 

I love that her program is not just about losing weight but so much more. It's about a healthy lifestyle. She even mentioned one chapter is about socialisms around weddings. I think the biggest thing is just the importance of being able to enjoy this season and chapter of your life. Being able to call yourself a "bride" is exciting and amazing. It is a season of celebration, a season to remember. You are preparing for one of the most special days. Just stop and think about it... How many times do you get to have all your favorite people and family in one room!?!?! Sure I go to family reunions every summer (yassss Myrtle Beach next week!) but all my best friends aren't there. Sure I have girl's trip reunions with my Univ of Puget Sound girls but all my best friends from Savannah aren't there or my crazy lil cousins... Your wedding is the one day that all those favorite humans are there. Just talking about it gets me soooooo excited. So why ruin it with stress?! It is not worth it and I love that Ginny's program focuses on that too because stressing yourself out with weight loss may make your body look great but if you are so stressed out than you will not have that radiant glow that only happiness and a stress-free life can grant you with.  


While chatting with Ginny I also had to ask her for her BEST advice to feel confident on your wedding day. Her response? Don't wait about how you feel. If there's anything you're nervous about or want to work on, get started with action. I couldn't agree more... I think this tip honestly just kind of applies to life too. Procrastination can be a huge source of stress for people and I've really focused on this not just in a health-mindset but also at work and in life in general. I have seen a huge decrease in my stress levels at work. Whether it's preparing the fall schedule for my team 3 months in advance or having one of the #iandbteam prepare flower orders months in advance or ordering all the little details we need for our wedding now rather than waiting... every time you can check something off and be ahead of the game it just feels so good. 

Another thing I love about Ginny's process is that she focuses on what is sustainable. I know for me especially trying to fast or eat only 1200 calories may work for a day but that is not realistic or sustainable at ALL. So I love that she focuses on providing the legwork to help brides with the tools that can help for a lifetime of health. Not just your typical crash diet or fad that won't ever sustain. To check out more of the Healthy Bride Experience and her two course options click below!! 


Last but not least, thank you to the vendor team who made this shoot come together!!! 

[Vendor Credits] Photography: Kelsey Halm Photo // Wedding Dress: Rebecca Ingram available at Ivory & Beau // Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress: Jenny Yoo available at Ivory & Beau // Blue bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaids // Hair: Sarah Veal // Makeup: Alyshia Jackson // Florals: Lindsay Bishop // Models: Devan Walsh, Brooke Jones, Alex Moring // Jewelry: Gold Creations


Y'all! Pinch me! We are up on Wedding Chicks today!!! The inspiration behind this shoot with Danielle George Photography at Ships of the Sea came from us wanting to do something very organic and romantic. Inspired by the beauty of the gardens at the museum, lush blooms, soft colors and just all things romantic. Plus I knew we had to do something hanging for a centerpiece since Ships of the Sea has those awesome rafters under their outdoor pavilion. Playing off the organic vibe we found some copper colanders at World Market and thought they would be so fun to use for a unique centerpiece. And before I forgot... be sure to scroll to the bottom to see all the amazing vendors who help us bring this shoot to life! 

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.27.00 PM.png

When planning the details for this shoot we wanted to incorporate all of the things that Ivory & Beau has to offer to clients... because we aren't just your normal bridal boutique or just a wedding planner. We offer so much more. Ivory & Beau has two main components that we handle... 


We sell wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and bridal accessories. The dress we chose for our faux bride to rock for this shoot is a Blush by Hayley Paige gown that has a beautiful lacy floral pattern. Swoonworthy... am I right? For the bridesmaid style we chose one of our newest Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaid styles. I love the subtle sparkle of this style and the dusty rose is such a pretty shade of blush.


The other main portion of our business is weddings. We offer Wedding Day Management & Design packages and Full Service Planning & Design packages. When hiring us to be your planner you are not only hiring a planner or coordinator but an event designer, a floral designer and a calligrapher. With both of our packages we help design every little detail of your wedding day from the aisle markers to the invitations to the bar menus to the centerpieces.

For this shoot we incorporated all of the things that Ivory & Beau has to offer couples getting married in Savannah or in surrounding areas. McKenzie created bout tags with her gold metallic calligraphy and I have to say I love that she snuck in my fiance's name (Alex) and her baby's name (Jude). 


Lush blooms, organic greenery, a lil texture - the perfect recipe for beautiful florals. 


For all you Southerners, I don't think it gets any better than a Whiskey & Bourbon bar, am I right?!

Rentals from both Southern Belle Events, Ultra Pom and Event Works helped us design and style the shoot.


To go along with the organic vibe of the shoot we enlisted farm-to-table caterer, Cha Bella who whipped up some tasty, beautiful and very organic style appetizers. We love working with clients on the perfect menu to fit the vibe, style and taste for their wedding. And since we are in Savannah, we wanted to incorporate some favors from local company, Savannah Bee Company.


Wouldn't be Ivory & Beau without a hidden dinosaur somewhere... I can't even tell you how many times we get asked, "why the dinosaurs?" I wish there was some crazy creative exciting story that involved a real life dinosaur but unfortunately that's not the case. The truth is when we first opened I brought in a few gold dinosaurs from home and placed them around the shop for some decorations. Lo and behold we shortly became known as the shop with the dinosaurs and they began multiplying, literally. Our amazing clients would gift us with dinosaur gifts and it just kind of stuck. Sometimes things happen and it doesn't have to make sense, it just is.


Vanilla & the Bean made a beautiful cake for the shoot and a cream poof tower, which is literally making my mouth water just looking at it. Selena, the baker behind the name, is not only the sweetest but she is crazy talented. I love her cake design and the taste is mouth-watering. I love the soft lace pattern on the cake that she did for this shoot. 


Speaking of dinosaurs.... meet T. Rex, my springer spaniel puppy, who is probably the closest thing to a real life dinosaur. He loves eating leather flip-flops, paper, sweaty clothes and wood furniture. He can either be found digging holes to China, running circles around us playing keep-away or cuddling. He is a terror, but he is also an angel. When I say he sleeps on my stomach I am not stretching the truth. He literally sleeps on my stomach every night. He loves belly rubs, back rubs and ear rubs and he loves attention. When they say Springer Spaniels are a companion breed they are not lying. He is my lil boo and I love him so much. And look at how pretty he looks with his greenery leash!?!?

People have asked me recently if we plan to bring T. Rex to our wedding this December... Now if only he wasn't such a little terror. He loves people and gets way too excited around other humans and well there's also that whole eating-the-garlands problem... So my answer for now is... we'll see and if he does make an appearance it will likely be a very short appearance just for a few quick pictures because he is a wild animal. Totally our fault for not training him better... my cousin and her husband train dogs for a living and they are definitely ashamed I'm sure but I mean, c'mon look at that cute lil face...!!! 


For the ceremony design we used one of our new arches that was made by my fiance, Alex. Dating/engaged/marrying soon an engineer is definitely one of the perks when being a floral designer. Any crazy idea I come up with and have not a clue how to make I can ask him to help me out and he always does like this asymmetrical arch he helped us make. And if you ask me... the more wild the better. 


Did I mention that I love big bouquets? And you can be sure my bridal bouquet for my wedding this December will be larger than this one... 


These cuties? We did their wedding flowers last year and Amy bought her dress from our shop during a sample sale. And they're ridiculously adorable. Am I right!?!? You can see their wedding here featured on A Lowcountry Wedding photographed by Mackensey Alexander!


Amy has the most incredible hair and I must say I am obsessed with this sultry look by Hustle & Blow... with that dreamy braid intertwined throughout messy curls. Love this look on Amy.


Okay and now my favorite picture from the shoot.... and I have to say it was super fun getting to "sprinkle lightly" flowers all over Amy while I Thee Film captured it on video... 


Oh and how adorable is our bridesmaid rocking this dusty rose style by Hayley Paige Occasions!? This style is one of my favorites from the new styles because I love the little overlay crop top and the subtle silver sparkle. Plus the dusty rose color is softer and warmer than some of the lighter blushes.


Laughter & girl time is my favorite, what about you? And how stinking cute are these shots!? I really do think there is nothing prettier you can wear than a smile. Oh and can we talk about Amy's perfect glow? Yup, that is thanks to the amazing Body Bronzing by Becca


You might initially think Ships of the Sea, outdoor venue, perfect for spring. But I have to say... the gardens were amazing in December. I love the colors of the leaves in the garden area and how amazing the pictures captured by Danielle George turned out. Gorgeous. So while you may be enticed to have your wedding during springtime peak wedding season, I say consider December. A little chilly in the evening but this day was truly beautiful and then you don't have to worry about getting sweaty while getting down on the dance floor.


And just because, I'll end this blog post with our trademark. To see more from this shoot be sure to head over to Wedding Chicks! To inquire about our bridal dresses, wedding planning services, calligraphy, floral design, bridesmaids dresses or more click below! We can't wait to hear from you!! 


[Vendor Credits] Photography: Danielle George // Planning, Floral & Dresses: Ivory & Beau // Venue: Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum // Food: Cha Bella // Cake: Vanilla & the Bean // Hair & Makeup: Hustle & Blow Dry Bar // Spray Tan: Body Bronzing by Becca // Tableware Rentals: Ultra Pom // Furniture Rentals: Southern Belle Events // Other Rentals: Event Works // Calligraphy: McKenzie Does Calligraphy // Wedding Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige available at Ivory & Beau // Bridesmaid Style: Hayley Paige Occasions available at Ivory & Beau // Videography: I Thee Film

A-to-Z Savannah Weddings: Andaz

If you haven't walked into the Andaz Hotel in Savannah than you should turn your hiney around and go instantly to the bar in the downstairs space for a yummy cocktail and the best bread ever. But really... The Andaz brings modern retro style to the historic city of Savannah. So today I'm here to talk all things Andaz and weddings at this shwanky downtown hotel in continuation of my A-to-Z Savannah Weddings blog series. Click here for my first venue feature on 10 Downing.

The Andaz has several indoors spaces but today I'm going to focus on my personal favorite space at the Andaz for weddings and that's the outdoor patio area by the pool.



THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE BOARD(S): The outdoor space by the pool makes me reminiscent of a New York City rooftop. I think a wedding in this space should play off the modern vibe but I love the idea of incorporating some femininity by using lots of lush greenery and a touch of botany for a floral that's not too girly but just the perfect amount. Also, if you follow us on Instagram then you know I have an obsession with Target and their new Opalhouse line... All of the things from this line just scream Andaz poolside modern wedding to me. So I had to include some of those awesome pieces for the inspiration.

[Shamelessly advertising us right now... I have purchased a TON of the Opalhouse pieces for my own wedding... and I'm all about sharing the love so our inventory is full of these modern pieces, and so if you are loving this theme/style even for a wedding somewhere else, we got you. And if you want to check out just a small portion of our inventory on our Rentals page that is still under construction click here!] 


Fruity cocktails... a modern wedding cake... and of course s'mores for the fire pit are must haves for the Andaz. The perfect dress for getting married at the Andaz would be something chic, simple, modern and a touch sexy... like our brand new Sienna by Made with Love gown. This gown has a daringly low front, a chic fit with its thicker crepe fabric and a sweet beaded lace top. Perfect for this space. And ummm can we talk about those adorable floral shoes that would fit so perfectly with the floral dress!? 


Read on for some more details about this modern rooftop spot in the heart of Savannah...

THE WHERE: Andaz is located in the heart of downtown Savannah. Literally though... this hotel overlooks Ellis Square and is right next to City Market, the perfect place for strolling between the shaded courtyard filled with bistros, restaurants, art galleries, bars, candy shops and often featuring live music right outside (my fiance plays here sometimes!!) This is one of the best spots to walk around in Savannah as a tourist and I highly recommend popping in to Byrd's Cookies for some free samples of their mini cookies and Savannah Candy Kitchen for a bite-size praline. Cold beer? Look no further than the bar at Wild Wings Cafe. 

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT ANDAZ: Aside from it's perfect location for the couple that wants to continue the party after the wedding party... the entire vibe of this hotel has that modern style that I love. Lots of wood elements, greenery and very clean. I also love how the outdoor patio by the pool gives the feeling of being transported to a big city on a rooftop. Oh and can we talk about how awesome their fire pit is? S'mores anybody??

PERFECT FOR COUPLES THAT... Want a modern smaller wedding with a big city feeling while bringing guests to the heart of a historic Southern city. And perfect if you want your guests to all stay in one place. The convenience of guests being able to stay at the same place as your wedding and then all just walk to go out afterwards makes the Andaz perfect for destination weddings. 

BEST COLORS FOR THE SPACE: Green, neutrals and a pop of orange/pinks

Looking for a wedding planner, day-of/month-of coordinator, floral designer for your Savannah wedding at the Andaz? We got you. Click below to contact us for more deets on our services! And thanks for reading!!!

Photo Credits: [BOARD ONE] Garden Floral Asymmetrical Dress via Rent the Runway // Pompom Garland via Target // Moscow Mules via Liquor.com // Palm Leaf Candle Holders via Target // Orange Blossom Invites via Minted // Dinosaur via Today Is // Place Setting via Monika Hibbs [BOARD TWO] S'mores via Martha Stewart Weddings // Chelsea Crew Fine Dining Peep Toe Heel via Modcloth // Cake via 100 Layer Cake on Bloglovin', photography by Cari Courtright & Jess Rankin // Sienna by Made with Love available at Ivory & Beau // Lobby via Savannah Soiree