5 Reasons You Should Have a Fall Wedding in Savannah


You guys, we’re roasting. Straight up melting into our chairs and sticking to our steering wheels roasting. This summer sun is oh-so-much-fun poolside, but if you’re not by the beach, the Georgia heat can get a little oppressive. 

This may be why we’re dreaming of fall weddings… of burgundy and blush… of mini pumpkin pies and cinnamon spice cocktails… of greenery garlands and candle-lit evenings. Can it just be November already? If you’re still clinging to your beach bag, don’t worry… we won’t rush things along. But don’t try to stop us from telling you the FIVE best reasons to have a fall wedding in Savannah.


“It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket!”


Okay, so perhaps this pick is the most obvious-- I mean, just take a peek at the heat index for today, and you’ll know exactly why I say so-- but it’s just SO MUCH more bearable here in the fall. The temps can still climb into the low eighties all the way to October, but as evening approaches, things start to feel seasonably cool. Best of all: the gnats retreat to whatever awful pit they came out of, so your guests won’t be bothered by a thing at your outdoor ceremony.

Savannah’s fall colors are INSANELY beautiful.

Savannah is one of the South’s most colorful cities year round, but its palette truly shines in the later months. Our autumn foliage may not be quite as multi-colored as some of our Northern friends are used to, but when the leaves start to yellow and the spanish moss starts to grey, things get real pretty, y’all. Throw in a pale golden marsh or the rustic red of a historic downtown building, and you’ve got yourself some dreamy wedding portraits that everyone is sure to envy. 


Guests will have more free time. 


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we approach the holidays, you’ll find that your guests will have a more flexible schedule. With fall breaks and Christmas vacations around the corner, your friends and family may be travelling anyways. What’s one more amazing, awesome, wedding party pitstop on the holiday road trip? 

There’s still plenty of activity across the city to keep guests (and yourself) entertained.

Just because tourist season is dying down (which totally works to your benefit, by the way) doesn’t mean that all the fun has fled the city. We locals like to have a good time too. Bar crawls, concerts, and seafood festivals are only a few of the delights that await you. If your guests are coming in from out of town, there’s still plenty of fun ways for them to get a good ol’ taste of the south. 

Hello?! You can rock 2018’s HOTTEST bridal trends. 


You would not BELIEVE how popular our long-sleeved wedding dresses have been this year, y’all. Fall is the perfect time to showcase some of the most popular bridal trends-- without feeling like you’re totally gonna melt into a pretty little puddle. Layer it up with bridal separates without fear of having a heat stroke. Twirl around in all that thick, luxurious fabric that you love. You’ll look fabulous AND comfortable. Win-win.  


{Vendor Credits} Photography & Florals: Heather Skye Photography // Gown & Accessories: Ivory & Beau