Unique Color Palettes by the I&B Team

There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the right color palette for your wedding - the location, the setting, the mood, the season and of course the colors that YOU LOVE. It determines the entire aesthetic of your wedding and unites the overall theme. Keep in mind, you will be using this color palette for every detail, starting with the invitations, down to the place settings…so make sure you don’t choose colors that you will get so sick of by the day of your wedding!

We here at Ivory & Beau have seen every color palette you can think of, so of course we have each grown to love a certain scheme! Look below for the faves of each member of the I&B team!! Maybe you will get some inspiration for your wedding!!


Nicole: Terracotta & Indigo

Megan: Buttercup & Viridian Green

Emily: Rose Gold & Bronze

Abigale: Lavender & Salmon

Olivia: Sunset Amber & Stone

Lindsay: White & Jewel Tones

Alina: Plum & Champagne

Logan: Forest Green & Ivory