One Year Anniversary Gift Guide

Cheers to one year!!

The first year of marriage is said to be the hardest, but it is also a year of adjustment. The honeymoon is over….you’ve gone through some initial ups & downs, but now it’s time to celebrate!! You only get one first wedding anniversary, so let’s make it a fun one! We have chosen a few anniversary gift ideas specific to the type of couple that you are! Whether that means you both love to travel, eat or watch movies…we have some gift ideas to cover them all!

For the Travelers

  • Scratch Off World Map - There is nothing like traveling somewhere new with your soulmate. The best part of a new marriage is experiencing new things together, and a fun way to keep track of your adventures is with a scratch off map! Each time you visit a new place, you get to scratch it off together!

For the Foodies

  • Foodie Dice - If you love to try out new recipes, a go-to gift would be food dice! You never know what ingredients you’re going to get, but that’s what makes it fun! Forming new concoctions together is a great date idea if just want to stay in with your partner, and you may discover new recipes you never thought to try!

For the Wine Connoisseurs

  • Winc Wine Subscription - This wine subscription is a perfect way to try out new wines together, and possibly discover new favorites that you’ll have for every occasion! You get to try 4 different wines a month, delivered right to your doorstep!

  • Wine Cork States - Receiving 4 wine bottles a month means A LOT of corks - a great way to make memories and recycle is to put them in a wine cork state! You can keep track of the wines you try while creating a cute piece of decor!

For the Movie Buffs

  • 100 Movies Scratch Off - Let’s say you have the most fun cuddling on the couch at the end of the day watching a new movie or rewatching your fave for 50th time that month. This 100 Movie Scratch Off poster is perfect for those movie buffs who’s ideal date night is raiding their kitchen for a variety of snacks ready to see which movie they’ll scratch off this time.

  • Cocktails of the Movies - This gift is for the couple who has fantasized about trying drink recipes from their favorite classic movies! Each cocktail is accompanied by the recipe, method, a history of the drink and a synopsis of its scene in the movie alongside original artwork.

For the Romantics

  • Date Nights Wonderbox - There is nothing more exciting then a spontaneous date night. It can be a struggle to come up with new and exciting date ideas, so that’s when this date night box comes in handy. It comes with 60 romantic dates that will keep you trying new things with the one you love!

  • This Is Where I Met You - If you are extra sentimental, you can’t go wrong with a gift that symbolizes a special moment in your relationship in a cute way. It will hold a memory in your home that will remind you of that significant day every time you see it.