Ivory & Beau Current Happenings 8/27/19

After months and months of planning every little detail for your wedding day, there’s one thing you can never control…..THE WEATHER!!

Hurricane season is comin’ in HOT, and so is wedding season. As we head into our 7th fall/hurricane season in Savannah, we have some experience in dealing with evacuations and rescheduling weddings….SO we have some tips on how to plan for the uncontrollable.

Photo by  Leslie Jones  on  Unsplash

Planning for a Hurricane

01. Wedding Insurance - WedSafe (@wedsafe) & WedSure (@wedsurebyrvna) offer affordable wedding insurance to help cover costs of rescheduling.

* HIGHLY recommend buying wedding insurance EVEN FOR all indoor weddings during hurricane season because if there’s a mandatory evacuation your venue may have to shut down :(

02. Hire a Planner - In order to lift the pressure off of your shoulders, hire a planner or at the very least a “month-of” coordinator. We can help to ensure that the last minute details are taken care of and during the shuffle of postponing & rescheduling.

03. Relax, Relax, Relax - get a massage, #treatyoself to a manicure or pedicure, get mimosas with your squad - whatever it is that you love to do in order to calm your nerves and BREATHE!! Don’t worry, you will get married one way or another. Just leave it to us!

Keep an eye on Dorian & let’s all hope & pray for an evacuation/hurricane-free wedding season!


Dresses of the Week

Are you ready for our TOP PICKS for this week?!

These gowns can weather any storm ;) From the intricacy of the lace, to a classic look for any southern babe!!

Book an appointment NOW to try on your favorite one to take on this hurricane season!

Wedding Season is Coming……

There’s no doubt that your schedule is filling up this fall. Still haven’t found the perfect dress?!

All of our SPECIAL OCCASION dresses are on sale off the floor for just $50. Get them while they’re HOT!!


Our MOST LIKED insta post from last week - and possibly one of the cutest! Ghost gives the best advice, don’t ya think?!