For All of the Cat Lovers

For All of the Cat Lovers

Unpopular opinion: cats rule

Today has been a very exciting - and distracting - day at Ivory & Beau because……KITTENS!!!! Five of them to be exact, plus the momma. So as you can imagine, we have our hands full. Who’s complaining??

Since we knew they would hold most of our attention anyway, might as well throw on a couple of wedding dresses and make a photo shoot out of it!! These cuties made for some adorable models - so photogenic. I mean, come on, look at those blue eyes!


The next wedding accessory?

We all know that “dogs are a man’s best friend”…..but what about all of the cat lovers??

How could you say no to those little faces? Cats deserve to join in on the fun too.

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Calling all #CatLadies

Are you a bride that wants to include your cat, or all 10 of them, without getting weird looks from your guests??

Here are a couple of ways to include your fluffy feline on your special day…..

01. Cat of Honor

Is this not the cutest Cat of Honor you’ve ever seen?!

Having your cat be apart of your bridal party is the ultimate way to have your best friend by your side on your special day…with a designated cat sitter of course.

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02. Party Favors

A formal dinner & dance party would not go well if we add a cat into it, but there are still ways to include your furry child into the reception: PARTY FAVORS!

Adding a photo or graphic of your cat on cute packaging for the favors is a safer choice compared to a cat chasing your train around on the dance floor.

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03. Photo Shoot!!

Don’t forget to snap a few photos!! How fun would it be to get a shot be of your cat running under your wedding dress, or next to your bouquet?! Looking back on these photos would make memories for a lifetime.

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