Meet the Ivory & Beau Team: Olivia Wilkins

One of the longest standing members of the Ivory & Beau team, Olivia is as sweet as she is determined. She is one of our lead wedding coordinators and has been with Ivory & Beau for 5 YEARS NOW! We love her and we know you’ll love her too and even more so when you get to know her a little more I&B style!

  1. Concert you wish you could see?

    More DMB concerts

  2. Favorite holiday?


  3. Name of your first pet?

    Goldy the Goldfish

  4. Biggest fear?


  5. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

    Real Housewives..any and all

  6. Cake or ice cream?

    Ice cream

  7. Dream living destination?

    The Caribbean

  8. First celebrity crush?

    Zac Effron

  9. Favorite brunch spot in Savannah?

    The Ordinary Pub

  10. Favorite cereal?

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  11. Starbucks order?

    Ice coffee with cream

  12. Favorite memory at Ivory & Beau thus far?

    All of us getting together to watch Nicole at Dancing Stars!

  13. Favorite scary movie/favorite genre of movie?

    Taken and Romantic Comedies

  14. Hardest you’ve laughed recently?

    I belly laughed on my birthday trip so hard my stomach hurt the next day

  15. Favorite cuisine?


Check out Olivia’s YouTube video for more detailed responses!

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