The Venue Menu: Choosing a Venue that is an Experience for your Guests

If you have planned a wedding, know someone who has planned a wedding, or even just watched the 2001 romantic comedy The Wedding Planner with J-Lo, you know that there are tons of things that go into planning a big day. However, there is one overarching detail that we feel you should take the most time to think about: the venue.

Banquet halls and classic venues are alway reliable and can be absolutely beautiful and amazing and we here at Ivory & Beau totally support the vision and dream of each and everyone one of the brides that decide to work with us. However, we think it is worth noting that you can play around and get creative with your venue and if you decide to do so, keeping your guests in mind is a big factor.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we firmly believe that the two most important people in need of pleasing on the wedding day are the bride and groom, but if you can entertain the people that love you both along the way then it is a major plus!! In our opinion, choosing a venue that can help with that is even better.

We are going to lay out some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to picking out the perfect, entertaining and magical venue for everyone involved.

The Alida Savannah

The Alida Savannah

What do we mean by an experience?

When we say experience we mean a wedding that goes far beyond just a ceremony and a reception. In order to derive from the norm we recommend considering venues that allow for an interactive, interesting and unique experience for your guests!

Where do you start when beginning your venue exploration?

This seems overwhelming but don’t worry we’ve got your back! First, you have to decide if you would like to have a destination or a local wedding. Once you have made that decision we recommend looking into museums in the area, music halls, up and coming venues in restored areas (we have a lot of those in Savannah), anything that is unique and can allow for your guests to ogle the night away!

What are our favorite venues that do the trick?

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is one of our favorites when it comes to providing an interactive experience for your guests. Cohen’s Retreat and Soho South are also two amazing venues that provide a unique viewing experience for those attending your wedding!

What can you add to your venue to make it more of a unique experience for your guests?

There are there three main elements that you can add to your big day that will have your guests feeling extra involved! First: games, games, games! From lawn games to drinking games we are sure that anyone you choose will provide an outlet for people who don’t patirucalrly enjoy dancing the night away. Second: unique food and beverages that are exclusive to the area you’re having your wedding in, for Savannah it’s pralines and shrimp and grits but every place has their own unique dish or beverage that defines them and incorporating that into your reception can have guests feeling like their really experiencing the culture! Finally, third: photo booths, photo booths are a great way to get your guests involved and it allows them to take home a special memory of their own from your day.

The Georgia State Railroad Museum

The Georgia State Railroad Museum

For more in depth answers to all of these questions check out our new YouTube video!

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