Ivory & Beau Current Happenings 4/4/2019

Hello April and hello new and exciting things happening at Ivory & Beau! We are so excited about all of the exciting things happening this month! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, or wine (if you’re of age), or juice, or Diet Coke, and inform yourself about what is happening in the wonderful world of Ivory & Beau!

Yaniv Persey TOMORROW (4/5 - 4/13)!

Tomorrow starts the Ivory & Beau week long relationship with Yaniv Persey! We are so excited to have this beautiful collection at our shop! Call or book your appointment online today to stop in and experience your only chance to try on this collection in the Savannah area!


Mother’s (of dragons) Day Flowers by Ivory & Beau

Sorry we’ve been catching up on Game of Thrones in preparation for the new season). As you are surely aware by now Nicole, our owner, is participating in the Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia competition and has set earning $20,000 for The Alzheimer’s Association as her goal! Ivory & Beau will be taking Mother’s Day flower orders to aid her in this epic journey! Fill out this form and send it back to ivoryandbeau@gmail.com or call us at 912-200-4794 to place an order!

Ivory & Beau Flower Sale @ Auspicious Bakery (4/7)

This Sunday at 8:30 AM Ivory & Beau will be setting up shop for one hour outside of Auspicious Bakery to sell bunches of beautiful flowers in order to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association, 100% of the proceeds will be donated AND Auspicious is making a special pastry just for us (100% of the proceeds from the purchases of that pastry will be donated too because Auspicious is amazing).

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.33.20 PM.png

Dancing Stars of Coastal GA!

You know the drill…Nicole will be a featured dancer in the competition this year and we are SO EXCITED to watch her twirl and flip all around the dance floor. It would be positively wonderful if you would purchase tickets here!  All funds raised support Alzheimer's research and the programs and services provided to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's and their families. This exciting event will be held on June 8th, 2019 at 6 PM at the Savannah Trade/Convention Center.

Edith Elan is coming…

Much like Winter, Edith Elan is coming…to Ivory & Beau from 4/19-4/27 and we are SO READY. Call or book your appointment online today to come and try out these amazing gowns.

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When it comes to April 2019 at Ivory & Beau…Taylor Swift said is best…are you ready for it?

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