Personalize & Conquer: Adding Small Elements to Your Big Day

There are so many elements to your big day so it is understandable when the little details get lost in the shuffle. Worry not, Ivory & Beau is here to remind you to, much like the gouda, not to sleep on the small details of your big day!

Here are a list of just a few ideas we came up with/have seen in weddings we have worked on in the past!

Birthstone Colors

Add you and your partner’s birthstone colors to your color pallets for you big day! It doesn’t have to be a large part of your day, adding even the smallest bits of these colors can bring in a personal touch that you and your partner will remember forever!

Specialty Drinks

Having a special cocktail dedicated to you and your partner is no new idea but it is a fun way to add in a personal touch to your day! Adding in your favorite liqours, flavors, fruits, etc.! gives your guests a little added insight into who you both are that they may not have known beforehand!


Personalized table markers

We have two ideas for you, the first is using places of significance to your relationship as your table markers! This means using the street name where you had your first kiss or the restaurant where you had your first date, anything like this is a fun personal touch that will have your guests talking especially if you decide to add in short blurbs about the story of each place! The second idea would be to include photos of you and your partner at the ages of each table number. This is a very cute added touch that will make for an amazing day of you looking through old photos with your best friend!

Music Lyrics

You already have a first dance song and a walk out song, but how about adding in special music lyrics that are important to you and your partner all around your venue and throughout the wedding details that you didn’t get to play for everyone! This could be on the bathroom signs, folded into the napkins, anywhere you can fit them!

Personalized snacks

Your main course is already picked out but what about adding a table of you and your partner’s favorite snacking items? From Cheetos to Little Debbie Snack Cakes the snack selection is limitless and as long as they’re special you and your partner, we are sure your guests will find something they enjoy too!

We hope these helped you out and you can add tons of small touches to make the biggest difference in your day and make it one that you and your partner will never forget!

We went into tons more detail in our new YouTube video!

[Photo Credits] Margarita Bar via Love Inc. via Vanessa Lachey’s Blog, photography by Stephanie Todaro

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