Trends We Love: Detachable Trains & Food Trucks

Let’s talk about weddings trends! More specifically, detachable trains + food trucks. We simply cannot get enough of these cute, fun-loving and, not to mention ultra-convenient trends sweeping the wedding world right now.

As with any trend, there are some things you should keep in mind. Lucky for you, we are giving you the ins and outs of the two hottest trends of the wedding season in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Detachable Trains

Rita by L’amour by Calla Blanche

Rita by L’amour by Calla Blanche

Detachable trains are a fun way to have two looks in one wedding day. Not only do they add a fun flare to your big day, but they also add drama! The stunning vision of you walking down the aisle in a full length ball gown will be beautifully complemented by the sexy edge your fitted gown gives you as you and your new hubby are announced into your reception. Having a detachable train will also allow for a change up in your photos-you can go from the classic look of a full ball gown to a saucier one in a tight mermaid! Also keep in mind the ease a detachable train will give you, when you’re done with the ceremony and the photos you can just pop the train right off and you’re ready to dance with nothing holding you back, because let’s be honest…long trains can be kind of a drag ;)

Food Trucks

Jenni’s Treats on the Street Food Truck

Jenni’s Treats on the Street Food Truck

Who doesn’t like their food on wheels? Food trucks are great for those who want a more laid back, outdoor, boho vibe wedding. But don’t be mistaken, you can certainly class up the look and feel that a food truck gives with added florals, glass flatware, etc. Though, something to keep in mind when booking a food truck is the size of your wedding. In order to avoid long lines and hungry guests, we recommend getting more than one truck. Lucky for you, if you’re in the Savannah area you have a TON of options to choose from. Anything ranging from ice cream to tacos, fried chicken to grilled cheese you can choose anything that tickles you and your beau’s fancy. Food trucks add a bit of flare, character and fun to both your wedding menu and the day as a whole!

Check out our YouTube video where we touch on both of these trends in more detail!

Keep on trending Ivory & Beau babes!

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