Ivory & Beau Current Happenings 3/28

Welcome back to another edition of Current Happenings at I&B (please contain your excitement). As you all know March is a pretty wild month for the Ivory & Beau team. From trunk shows to fundraising events we’ve got our hands full! So to keep it all straight we write this weekly newsletter, enjoy!

3 Days Left of Willowby

Hurry in QUICK! Only three days left of this amazing collection being at the shop! There are plenty of appointment slots open for this weekend so what are you waiting for!? Call or go online to book your appointment ASAP!


Yaniv is on her way

Yaniv-er seen something so beautiful in your whole life! Please excuse our terrible attempt at a play on words, but seriously come see Yaniv Persy from 4/5/2019 to 4/13/2019 at our shop. Call or book your appointment online today!

Mama’s Day Flowers from I&B

Lady Nicole (sorry we’ve been catching up on Game of Thrones in preparation for the new season) is participating in the Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia competition and has set earning $20,000 for The Alzheimer’s Association as her goal! Ivory & Beau will be taking Mother’s Day flower orders to aid her in this quest! Fill out this form and send it back to ivoryandbeau@gmail.com or call us at 912-200-4794 to place an order!

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 12.42.09 PM.png

Ivory & Beau: Traveling Flower Salesmen

In our pursuit to help Lady Nicole (referenced above) raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association, the Ivory & Beau team will be selling flowers at the following places & at the following times: Auspicious April 7th 9-10AM, Soho South May 12th @ 12-2PM, Gigi’s Cupcakes Friday May 17th @ 10-11 AM. We hope to see you at one or all of these locations!

Dancing Stars of Coastal GA!

At this point we reckon its almost impossible for you not to know that Lady Nicole will be a featured dancer in the competition this year. It would be absolutely splendid if you would purchase tickets here!  All funds raised support Alzheimer's research and the programs and services provided to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's and their families. This exciting event will be held on June 8th, 2019 at 6 PM at the Savannah Trade/Convention Center.

Blogger Closet Sale

Happening this weekend from 2-4PM!!

Slowly powering through March one day at a time!

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