Nuptials in Nature: The Ivory & Beau Guide to Outdoor Weddings

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If you’ve been on Pinterest or truly anywhere at all on the internet searching for wedding inspiration you’re sure to have come across photos of whimsical mossy trees draped with twinkly lights or florals galore lining the candlelit grassy aisles. All of it seems slightly unattainable doesn’t it?

It is easy to be spooked by the unpredictability of the great outdoors but we are here to tell you that you CAN have the ultimate outdoor wedding, there are just certain steps you should follow and elements to consider before saying “I do” outside. And we have put them into a list for all of our I&B babes to refer to.

1) Rain plans, rain plans, rain plans

Take them seriously because it CAN rain on your parade. If you plan to have your wedding outdoors, make sure that your rain back up plan will make you just as happy as your original plan. Also, make sure your rain plan is just as detailed, well thought out and double checked as your plan A. If you decide to book I&B for your wedding planning, we take care of ALL of this for you!

2) Time of year

Personally, we suggest that if you would like to have an outdoor wedding, March, April, September and November are your best bets. Being mindful of hurricane season is a must and if you do decide to opt for a month during that time we highly, HIGHLY suggest getting wedding insurance.

3) Decor for the outdoors

One of the many elements that comes with having an outdoor wedding are those that fall into the natural category, aka wind. Bud vases, tall and thin candle sticks, and anything else that could easily topple over if greeted with a gust of wind should be avoided. Also, be sure to remember that wind is one of a flame’s arch nemesis’s so if it is a windy day/night on your special day you’ll have to have someone on call with a lighter at all times, if you book I&B we've got your back.

4) Being considerate of your guests

No one wants to be standing outside in the insert less than ideal weather situation here unprepared, so keep them in the loop about the weather forecast! It is also helpful to guests to be given examples of the clothing they should wear, what the weather is supposed to be on your wedding day (update this even the day of on your wedding website) and what the back up plan is if the weather is unforgiving. Your guests will be appreciative of this, and happy guests make for a happier bride.

Don’t be scared off by the uncertainties of an outdoor wedding because if they are done right, they are amazing and magnificent.

We talked about all of these things and more in our YouTube video for this week so check it out!

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