Post Wedding Advice: How To Preserve Your Bouquet!

Congratulations you beautiful, gorgeous NEW MRS.! I sincerely hope that your wedding day was everything you dreamed it would be and I’m positive you looked stunning! Now, I know you absolutely loved your bouquet and you’re SO sad to see it go, right? Well, good news for you girl because there are several ways you can preserve your flowers!

Press the flowers - this is probably one of the easiest ways to preserve your flowers! The best way to do this is to take your most beautiful blooms and let them dry pressed between the pages of a phonebook (or any book with a significant amount of weight). Make sure to line the pages with parchment paper to that no ink transfers to your flowers! When they’re nice and dried, you can display them in a gorgeous shadow box or thick frame! That way you have a piece of your wedding day to look at every day :)

Air dry- another super easy way to preserve your flowers! Simply tie the bouquet with some ribbon, flip it upside down and let it hang for a few weeks! This way your bouquet keeps its shape! You can have it displayed in a vase as a whole bouquet or even take all the petals and leaves off and keep them in a fun bowl or glass display!

Silica gel - now this next method involves a few more steps but it helps hold the color of the blooms the best! Just place your flowers in an air tight tub of silica (full petals stand up right, flat faced flowers go face down, and long stranded flowers are placed side ways). Once you place the flowers in the tub, cover them up with more silica gel. Leave flowers for about one week. Be careful when taking flowers out! Brush off excess product and spray with hairspray to keep moisture out!

Painting- last but not least, a beautiful way to capture your flowers is by commissioning a painting (or if you’re super talented doing it yourself) of your flowers! This is a way you can get really creative and express different artistic styles while still finding a unique and original way to display your flowers!

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