What Comes First?: A Practical Guide to What You DON’T Need to Do Right Away

We totally get it-- planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life! There’s no better opportunity to showcase you and your SO’s unique personality and special tastes, not to mention celebrate your love for one another. 

It goes without saying that we’re accustomed to the do-it-all bride and groom. While the I&B team loves ourselves a pair of happy-go-lucky go getters, we often see couples get caught up in trying to nail down the right details at the wrong time. To save you the stress of getting ahead of yourself, we’ve created this nifty guide to keep you right on target, I&B style! 

Don’t book your venue prematurely! 

We know you’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since the moment that engagement ring slipped on your finger: booking the PERFECT venue. Before you sign that contract, consider creating your guest list-- after all, no one wants for their ceremony to be standing room only. 

While bigger may be better in some cases (ball gowns and wedding cakes, for instance), don’t overpay for space you won’t be able to fill! Finding the right venue is a bit like playing Goldilocks, but trust us… you’ll know when it’s juuuuuuust right. 

Speaking of venues…

Make sure that you’ve settled on a venue BEFORE choosing your wedding attire. We don’t want you to get cold feet-- no, really, we’d hate for you to have your heart set on a beachy wedding dress only to end up having a winter wonderland wedding. Brrrrr! 

Thinking of buying those honeymoon plane tickets? Hold off!

Okay, so we don’t suggest that you let your honeymoon fall by the wayside, but we DO think that it’s a good idea to hold off on planning your newlywed getaway until you’re about five months away from the wedding. 

Planning a wedding certainly has the potential to be overwhelming at times, so save your honeymoon dreams for when you just can’t stand thinking about ribbon colors or fabric finishes another minute longer. It’ll almost be like a mini-vaycay in itself! 

Step away from the scan gun.

Yes, we understand. We can’t get enough of Joanna Gaines line at Target either. But is this the registry that is most realistic for you and your partner? Take some time to deep-think; don’t clutter up your registry with stuff you don’t really need early in your engagement. You might find that you regret it closer to the wedding when the reality of it all starts to hit you! 

Don’t do it for the ‘Gram. 

That ring? Stunning. Your happy smiles? They say it all! But don’t feel as though you have to let the whole world in on your special moment right away. Take some time to enjoy the fact that hey, you ARE gonna marry the love of your life and you have the rest of eternity together to tell the world. It might just save you a few extra days worth of fielding wedding planning questions… and trust us when we say that you’re probably gonna be thankful for it. 

Planning your dream wedding? What’s something that you got a little overzealous in organizing? Let us know in the comments down below-- we won’t judge, we promise! 

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Casey Green Photography