Please Reply: RSVP Card Ideas for the I&B Tribe

“You guys… what should I put on my RSVP cards?”

Okay, so I wouldn’t say that questions like these aren’t normal for a bride to ask… but when it’s your ultra-creative, ultra-witty, always-strives-for-perfection boss looking for answers, you better come up with a damn good reply.

I couldn’t have imagined how many options would await me when I hit send on my “RSVP Card” Google search. I have one question for you, I&B brides/I&B couples: how do you manage it? (No, seriously… how do you manage it? Let us know in the comments down below, and your advice might be featured in a future blog post.)

Just because I love you guys (and maybe a little bit because I’m trying to impress my boss), I’ve sifted through the sea of RSVPs in search of the perfect card.



So formal isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind when I think of Nicole’s wedding, but she’s not the only I&B bride I’ve got to think about here. For all the brides that have their hearts set on keeping it reaaaal classy for their wedding day, we’re feeling this floral invitation suite we found on Pinterest.

This traditional style of RSVP card is easily the most stress-free when it comes to selecting the perfect phrasing, but in case you’re stuck, we’ll drop you a link to this handy-dandy guide which covers wording RSVP cards of all sorts.



Personally speaking, I love to see a couple’s sense of humor come to light throughout their wedding, and what better opportunity to earn a laugh than with your RSVP cards! We love the idea of a mad-libs themed card-- who knows what kind of responses you’ll get back? We recommend leaving the meal choices out of the fill in the blank category, though, juuuuust in case...


There’s nothing the I&B Team loves more than a themed wedding, y’all. If it’s all in the details for you, start by giving your guests a sneak peak of what’s to come in their invitations and RSVP cards. From rustic postcards to “passports” to exotic destination weddings, the possibilities are endless. Run away with your imagination, I&B tribe… and maybe tag us in the pics?



So maybe you aren’t about the hassle-- and who can blame you, especially after witnessing the overwhelming amount of options upon said Google search! Keep it real simple by sending out business-card sized RSVPs which direct guests to your website. Modern technology… what a blessing, right?

We just can’t wait to share what Nicole finally decided on (‘cause you better believe she’s gonna show off every little detail), but in the meantime, why don’t you tell us what you plan to put on your RSVP cards? The comments are riiiiiight down there. Keep scrolling. Almost found ‘em!