5 Tips for Combining Decor Tastes

Most of the I&B team agrees that one of the most fun elements of our job is discovering how we can blend together a couple’s personalities to create a truly unforgettable wedding. Why let the fun end there? This week, we’ve got some tips and tricks for blending and upgrading your decor as newlyweds-- not to mention some unbelievably gorgeous style inspo from our friends at Arhaus.


1. Compromise, compromise, compromise.

We’ve all been there. You’re madly in love with a piece of wall art, or you have an obsession with throw pillows, or you’re on a bit of a persian rug kick (we're looking at you, Nicole)… but your SO just can’t stand the look. Part of sharing a life together is learning to compromise. For every throw pillow you get to keep, perhaps your partner gets to keep a favorite old mug. For every persian rug you buy, your lover gets to hang a new poster in the office. It’s all about balance!


2. Find a focal piece and run with it.

Most couples don’t have all of their furniture when they first move in together. If you’re on the market for something new, pick something that you both really love to act as a focal point-- like this epic petrified coffee table set-- and build your collection around it with timeless living room furniture


3. Choose a palette and stick with it.

If your styles REALLY clash, consider choosing a color palette that you both agree on and styling your home around it. While neutrals tend to work well together, mix it up every now and again with a pop of unexpected color-- your chance to display your personality as a couple. It will be easier to see everything as a cohesive picture if everything falls into a similar range of colors, too!


4. Texture is key.

Once you’ve divvied up what should stay and what should go (Brit + Co recommends that if it isn’t sentimental, toss it), it’s time to breathe some life into the space by integrating varying textures. A shaggy pouf, a comfy fur throw, a multi-dimensional chandelier... the possibilities are endless. Houseplants are another great way to incorporate texture into an otherwise simple space.


5. Find your own space.

Last but not least, couples should remember that it’s okay to take a little time to themselves every now and again. We know all of you lovely newlyweds just can’t get enough of each other, but we challenge you both to spend at least half an hour with yourselves each day. Create a space, such as a vanity or a desk, where you can gather your thoughts and surround yourself with all of your favorite decor. You’ll return to your SO feeling refreshed and recharged!