How to Find a Band/Music Entertainer for Your Wedding

Booking a good music entertainer or a band is often the last thing most people do when planning a wedding, but fine entertainment is one of the most critical parts of a memorable wedding.

A good band can make a HUGE difference between a magical and memorable wedding night, and a dull and monotonous event. They also know which music to play at the right time (when the guests are received, during the ceremony, and before everyone leaves for their home, etc.).

Choosing an affordable and quality live band for wedding reception is critical if you want to illicit that “WOW” response from your guests.

Most people often find themselves left with little or no time (and money) by the time they think about finding a band/music entertainer.

Here's a solution: plan ahead...

... so that you can easily discover a live band for your wedding reception without spending big-bucks. 

In addition to planning, here are few simple things you can do to find a good band (or music entertainer) that'll turn your wedding into a spectacular and memorable event:

Tip #1: Do some research

You can find a music band for a wedding by attending events, such as corporate party, live concerts, or wedding ceremonies, where you'll learn how the band plays to the crowd - whether it's a late-night DJ party or wedding music delivering a wide range of music collection. Popular bands may be booked as many as 10 to 15 months in advance, so begin your search as early as possible.

Also, ask your family and friends for recommendations, as they may already have attended few concerts or hired a band in the past.

Tip #2: Band's portfolio

In addition to recommendations, you can view band's portfolio.

By viewing band's portfolio, you'll be sure you made the right decision to choose that particular band.

In order to check out band's portfolio, you can watch their live videos, testimonials, pictures, either posted online (on their website or social media) or offline.

Tip #3: Clearing key points and the FAQ

Once you have shortlisted bands, ask them few key questions and clear all 'major' issues before finalizing your selection.

Here are few key issues/points you can discuss with the band:

  • Time frame you want the band to perform
  • When you want them to play (during the wedding breakfast music and keep on playing until the end, or only during or after dinner, etc.)

Remember, the cost of hiring live band may vary depending on several factors, including the time frame, the number of band members, a peak wedding season, and the type of music they'll play, among other things. 

Clearing all these KEY points at the beginning will help you avoid misunderstandings that might arise later.

Tip #4: The smooth finish

For a smooth finish, plan and pay attention to every detail.

For example, if the band will perform at the residence, you need to ensure they have enough space to perform. Or, if they'll play at your place for the whole night, you need to ensure you have approval from authorities and your neighbors.

Once this is taken care of, you should be clear about the outcome as well as what to expect on the wedding day.

Brainstorming a little before the wedding will ensure you have the band that can play the right type of music for your guests, leaving a lasting impression on everyone (your guests, the bride, and the groom).