How to Rock Your Wedding: Bridal Confidence 101

Planning a wedding can be such a delightful experience. From choosing the perfect color pallette to finding the dress of your dreams, every little hand-picked detail is selected with tender love and care. We know you’ve taken the time to make sure that your big day goes off without a hitch-- so why not take the time to make sure that you are feeling the best you can, too? 

This week, we’d love to share our top tips and tricks for walking-- no, strutting-- down the aisle with confidence. 

Stand Tall

Studies show that good posture benefits more than your spine. In fact, standing tall works wonders for your spirit, too! They say that looking good means feeling good, so boost your self esteem by practicing good posture in your everyday life. By the time the wedding rolls around, it will look and feel completely natural to hold your head high. 

Take a Deep Breath


As fun as wedding planning can be, it can also prove to be a major source of stress. Perhaps everything isn’t falling into place as quickly as you’d hoped or you’re worried what everyone will think. 

The best advice we can give after years of helping I&B couples plan the perfect wedding? Take a big, long, deep breath and TAKE A BREAK! Don’t tear that beautiful hair out. Remember that no one’s opinion is more important than yours-- as long as you and your future spouse are happy, then your wedding day was a major success! 

Forget About the Scale

Speaking as someone who has struggled with body positivity since I was very young, this is perhaps the hardest-- but most necessary-- piece of advice on this list. Do not let a number rule your happiness.

Don’t stand in the mirror agonizing over every little detail you don’t like. Instead, focus on the features that make you happiest: your radiant smile, those adorable freckles, your luscious mane… whatever you wouldn’t trade for the world! Most importantly, remember that the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle loves you unconditionally. 


Piggybacking off of our last suggestion, another guaranteed confidence booster is well within your reach: your attitude! Rather than speak in the negative, shift your energy to putting forth positive vibes. Instead of saying “I hope no one can see these blemishes on my back on the wedding day,” say “I would love it if everyone pays attention to my smile when I’m walking down the aisle!” Trust us… they absolutely will be. 

Surround Yourself with Uplifting People

One of our favorite parts of working with a couple on their big day? Stopping by to check on the bride in her getting ready suite! There’s always a magical sort of energy there… and that happiness tends to be contagious. Don’t underestimate the value of surrounding yourself with a gang of friends and family that uplifts you no matter what. Their support is more powerful than any hair or makeup team could ever be when it comes to bridal beauty, inside and out!

How do you build up your bridal-confidence? Let us know in the comments down below!

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Alexis Sweet Photography // Gowns: Ivory & Beau