Getting Ready Spots

I don't know if what I'm experiencing is normal symptoms of bridedom or if I'm just absolutely a space cadet who is all over the place with all the planning because wedding planning is my job but oh my goodness gracious we have figured out the most random details. You know the best/coolest part about it too? A lot of those details we figured out have happened just naturally and by fate without us searching much. Like the AirBnb we want to rent for the night before the wedding and to get ready in on the day of the wedding...

I am one of those people who loves to say yes. I love to help other vendors and be involved in whatever is asked of me. Sometimes I stretch myself too thin, but that's a topic for a whole nother day because today this is about how saying yes leads to treasure chests and beautiful airy AirBnb's that are a dream come true... 

I&B Florals // Photography:  Kate Laraine Photography

I&B Florals // Photography: Kate Laraine Photography

A few weeks ago I was approached by @katelaraine (on Insta) to participate in a photo shoot for @blmommymagazine. To be completely honest with y'all... I didn't really fully know what I was saying yes to but Katie had purchased a dress from us last year for a session with her hubby and I totally seriously get so excited and love love love when past clients/brides reach out and we get the chance to continue that relationship and connection so I said yes yes yes and boy am I glad I did. What I had agreed to was creating florals for a shoot for the Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy magazine. SO. COOL. But what I didn't know or even expect was to walk into the most epic, styled to perfection, retro/modern AirBnb with natural light streaming in through the windows, in the perfect location near Forsyth Park and it was love at first sight and I was instantly trying to get the deets on how to book the place for our wedding.

I&B Florals // Photo cred: Nicole's iPhone

I&B Florals // Photo cred: Nicole's iPhone

Which then led me to well.. write this post on how to pick the perfect getting ready spot for the wedding day... I could've likely gotten to the point a little quicker but isn't it more fun knowing the back story!?!?! So here are my tips on picking a great getting ready spot for you (& your photographer)!!! 

  1. Lighting is everything: photographers love natural light so if your hotel/Air Bnb is dark and has little natural light then your photos of getting ready are likely not going to be so great. So consider picking a spot that has lots of big windows so that lighting looks great. 
  2. Minimalism is more: For staging shots of your dress, accessories, invitation suites, rings and any other cute little details... it's better to have less in the background then a crazy background filled with clashing colors that don't really go well. A few perfect touches like a leather chair, an awesome fireplace, a funky rug can go a long way but when the entire place is decorated and overdone it may compete with your style and personal items. Plus I again, being weird and crazy already found the bridesmaids robes I'm getting for my faux-bridesmaids since I'm not really having bridesmaids (post coming on another day) but I mean... having a spot where the robes don't clash with the walls is just one of those OCD things to me... It's gotta mesh.
  3. Staying next to each other is okay: This is where timelines play a huge role so y'all don't accidentally run into each other before the first look or ceremony... But what I loved about this spot was that there were 3 bedrooms in the downstairs space and then a completely separate entrance to an upstairs unit with 3 bedrooms. I kind of love that even though we won't be staying together the night before the wedding I will know that he's right above me. Plus, this makes it easier for photographers... no traveling back and forth between locations. And if you're not your own personal florist like I will be for myself (call me crazy, I probably am) then it's nice for your florist who is likely super busy setting up all those gorg blooms to only have one stop to drop off personal flowers. 
  4. Space is important: Consider how many people there will be on the day of the wedding. How many girls are going to be cramped into the space PLUS all the hair and makeup artists and photographers and videographers. You don't want to pick a hotel room where you are going to feel claustrophobic because there's too many people in your personal space. And if you can only afford something smaller than that's totally fine, just maybe you don't need to have all ten of your besties and all the moms and grandmas and cousins and flower girls in the same room at the same time. Key again here is timeline... making a timeline for all the important people so they know where/when/what is happening. [If you hire us we make bridal party timelines so you don't have to!] 
  5. Consider the entire theme/style/vibe of the day: Okay. This might just be me because I'm nuts but it's important to me that the photos from the day are very cohesive. Our wedding is going to be modern, boho-touches, 50 shades of blues/grays/whites/neutrals, all the greenery, leather and manly vibes... So if we were to get ready at a Southern Antebellum home it would just be super out of touch with the rest of our day. Same with if we were to choose somewhere super glamorous and girly. The pictures wouldn't vibe or smoothly transition into the wedding but would rather stick out like ugly ducklings. This might just be a personal thing but I think it matters. 
  6. Avoid your venue: The venue is where the craziness is happening. And if you hired a planner/coordinator then it will all get set up in time. But sometimes if you get there super early while all the chaos is still happening it can be a little nerve-racking. And you might be biting your nails wondering how in the world it's all going to be set up in time. And trust me, it always gets done but why put yourself through that added stress. I think arriving at your venue closer to the ceremony time is a much smarter decision on your behalf and if you want to see the finished product before guests arrive just let your planner/coordinator/whoever know so that they can make sure those final touches are completed well before your scheduled time to get the sneak peek you are dreaming of.
Photography:   The Happy Bloom

Photography: The Happy Bloom

Where did you get ready on your wedding day? Looking back would you change anything or did you love it? 

Thanks for reading all the crazy adventures into the planning of a wedding by this wedding planner. Xoxoxoxoxoxox, N