5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best in the Month of Love

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but there’s plenty of time left to get your lovin’ on-- even if it’s just some self lovin’. Today on the blog, we’ve listed our top five tips to get yourself lookin’ and feelin’ your best before the month of love is up!

Stay hydrated

Wedding planning makes for busy brides, but don’t let your health fall by the wayside. Speaking from personal experience, making sure that you’re staying appropriately hydrated throughout the day makes a big difference!


Not only does water help to keep your skin lookin’ extra glowy, but it helps you sleep better and keeps you more energized throughout the day. 64oz is the recommended daily intake, so to stay motivated, get yourself an adorable water bottle (resident blogger Paige loves this adorable Studio Oh! Llama water bottle) and get chuggin’.

Be "Modelesque" at a Mini-Shoot

It’s okay, we’re all friends here… you can admit it. There are few things that boost your confidence quite like the perfect Insta-selfie. Take it to the next level and treat yourself to a mini-shoot. Instagram material for daaaaaaaaays!


We’ve got plenty of top-notch recommendations for photographers if you’re looking to pamper yourself with a professional session, but if you’re a beauty on a budget, DIY it! Grab your bestie and a polaroid and take a walk around the city. Pose like a supermodel when inspired and tag us in your favorite snaps!

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day

Is there anything better than a spa day? Spa days usually come with a price tag, but with Rodan + Fields, you don’t have to drop big bucks to feel refreshed. Stay in and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy (because let’s be real, that show is worth rewatching a hundred times, no matter how far downhill it’s gone) with a fresh face mask or soak yourself in your favorite bubble bath.


Turn spa day into date night and share a bottle of wine and sweets with your sweetheart. Give each other massages and manicures and lounge about in fuzzy robes. Planning a wedding can be a stressful task, so take some time to enjoy one another’s company without discussing the wedding!

(PS… did we mention that all bridal purchases in the month of February come with a free spa goodie bag? Get in on that action!)

Make a Positive Change in Your Routine

I am so guilty of staying up past my bedtime binge-watching inspiring YouTubers, and Lavendaire is one of my favorites. In addition to a whole host of uplifting advice and life-planning videos, she also offers free journaling prompts on her blog.  


Change is a gradual process, but even one small, positive adjustment to your routine can make a big adjustment. Take fifteen minutes before bed to journal or read your favorite book. Block out some time to spend with your pet before you go to work. Download a feel-good playlist to take the stress out of your daily commute. Take a tiny step to give back to yourself once a day… you’ll feel the love!

Take Yourself Out on a Date

I used to be petrified of going out on my own. I was convinced that everyone was going to stare and question-- why is that little girl out by herself? Where are her parents? Doesn’t she have any friends?! After a few tentative lunch dates at my favorite lunch spot (Kayak Kafe Midtown-- the tacos are amazing!), I quickly realized that not only did no one care what I was doing, but I found that I had an extra pep in my step for the rest of the day.

So, the moral of the story stands: date yourself. Go out to your favorite movie. Buy yourself a taco. Adventure to a new coffee shop… or a cat cafe! Picnic and sunbathe at Forsyth Park with your favorite book or a podcast. There’s something so empowering about taking the time to be with yourself and address your own needs. You deserve it!


A big thank you to photographer Jenna Davis and our precious model (who truly had me tearing up after helping her find a dress she felt confident and beautiful in) for being the muses for today’s blog post!

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Jenna Davis Photography // Gown: Kinsley by Rebecca Schoneveld @ Ivory & Beau