Wedding Color Palette 101

Today my flowers for our engagement pictures arrived and I could not be more excited!!! I ordered some of the flowers I know I want for our wedding so that I can test them out and play with them and see how I like them. So of course, this sparked me to write a blog post on how we picked our color palette along with some tips on how you can choose yours! 

1. Draw inspiration from what you love/your home. Our color palette is largely drawn from 2 things... 1 - the flowers that I am in love with and 2 - the home we have designed and created together. Our home features masculine colors, shades of blues, grays, copper, black, white with pops of orange and lots of dark woods. So it was easy to transition this into our wedding color palette. Basically we stuck with those same colors but then added in some blushes and bright pinks... mostly just because Blushing Bride, Ranoi Clooney Ranunculus and Coral Charm Peonies are my favorite flowers and I had to include them somehow. 

2. Textures and patterns can (and should) be included for a dynamic look. Some of the textures and patterns we included in our palette are dark and light wood, marble, stripes, shibori, persian rugs and hand-drawn dots (I don't know why but I love hand-drawn dots so much)... I think that patterns and textures can create a fun environment, which for us is what we are going for. Plus, I am such a huge fan of doing some crazy linens on some of the tables to tie in those patterns or incorporating funky patterns in signage and other design elements to make things pop. 

3. Start with a base palette and add pops for a color palette that really pops. While our palette mostly will feature blues, neutrals, grays, blacks, whites, tan colors... we will also have bold pops of oranges, yellows, hot pinks for little touches here and there. I by no means want to go overboard with these bright colors, because that's just not us, but I think by having a few pops here and over there it can really brighten the flowers, the room and create arrangements that are more interesting to look at than if everything was the muted colors of blues, neutrals, etc. Plus, if your linens, flowers and everything are all that base palette then your blooms won't pop as well as if you add those bolder touches that are maybe not in the color palette per se but are complimentary colors.


4. Get off Pinterest if you can when you first get started. I think if you really want a color palette that fits you and your fiance than the best thing you can do is get off Pinterest and spend some time with your fiance. Think about what your favorite colors are. Look in your closet to see what colors you gravitate towards. Walk around your home. Go to a store and pick and choose the things you love. Once you have your colors figured out I am all about Pinterest... to see my inspiration for our wedding click here!! 

How did you pick your wedding color palette? 

Photos: Cups & Dinosaur via Nicole's iPhone from our house // Shibori Linen image via Style Me Pretty, photography by Emily March Photography // Rug Ceremony image via Pinterest