Guest Post: 2018 Wedding Ring Trends

The New Year brought with it a flurry of activities – from parties, meeting friends, to celebrations, and love. For those of you who decided to take the plunge and propose, we congratulate you! In the immortal words of Beyoncé, you should now ‘put a ring on it.’ Once you’ve decided the wedding date in 2018, the next big step is selecting the wedding rings. You should be able to figure out what sort of rings you’d like and what the result will be. One crucial tip while selecting your rings is the budget. Set a budget for your rings well in advance so that you can choose your rings with ease.

Katie from Orla James was a big part of a wedding exhibition recently. She was bowled over by the latest ring trends of 2018. The rings ranged in prices, types, designs, and metals. We couldn’t keep this fantastic information away from you all, so we’ve decided to help you with the latest trends for this year. Select and place the orders for your wedding rings and then move on to hunting for the right venue. 

Without further ado, let us look at wedding ring trends for 2018.


The latest metal trend for 2018 is platinum! Platinum is extremely hard and very durable. It has a beautiful white color that never fades. Platinum looks fabulous with diamonds, colored stones, and entwined with different metals. If you like classic ring patterns, then platinum looks fantastic plain too. It doesn’t quickly wear and tear and can be an excellent metal for people who play sports or work with their hands extensively. The only cause for concern could be the price point. Platinum is a slightly expensive metal, and you would have to adjust your budget accordingly. 

If you’re unhappy with platinum, you could always opt for white gold. Similar looking to platinum, white gold is cheaper in comparison. White in color, white gold is malleable and can be worn comfortably for extended intervals without any concerns. In gold, another trend is for rose gold. Rose gold was, however, viral in 2017 also. 2018 is the year for white gold!

Colorful Diamonds:

Gone are the days of selecting plain diamonds. Although most women love the thought of owning diamonds in their engagement and wedding rings, 2018 brides are favoring colored diamonds. Non-traditional, yet trendy, colorful diamonds come in many colors and hues. Some of the more popular ones are pink and yellow diamonds. Brides wishing to be super stylish could opt for famed black diamonds. Those who want to mellow it down a little can try the new chocolate diamond – beautifully brown with specks in it.

Band Shapes:

2018 is the year to break out and try something new! Most brides are opting for chic square bands this year. Square rings sit snugly against the skin and are more comfortable than round bands. Square bands also make daily work more manageable. They are also tougher to slip off and can be worn even when sleeping. Another favorite shape is hexagonal bands. Many women opt for hexagonal rings to signify special meaning in their life. These are usually based on the number of people closest to the bride. 

Patterned Settings:

Some of the latest settings are scrollwork and floral backgrounds. Scrollwork setting rings look gorgeous in any metal and add to the beauty of the rings. Flourishes that resemble scrolls or writings are soon overtaking traditional set bands. Vintage-inspired rings and traditional designs can also be set in scrollwork designs to make them look elegant. 

Floral settings are another fantastic option. Petal, vine, and flower designs lend special feminine touches to the ring. Floral halo rings also look like they have been brought in straight from the garden.


Picking out a wedding ring is never easy. You want everything to be perfect, and this is possible with new eye-catching designs. Pair your wedding ring with your engagement ring to make a bold statement and become the trendsetter for 2018.