Bridal (or everyday) Beauty Regime

For all you babes out there here are some beauty tips to prepare your fab self to be even more fab for your big day. These are beauty tips that I do all the time, but I think in general to do before your wedding in preparation would really get you beauty ready for your day of fabulousness when all eyes are on you and rightfully so. Your wedding day is the day when you are the center of attention and why not feel your absolute best!?!?!? So read on for my fave products, tips & tricks!!

[Disclaimer: I am no beauty expert but these are just some products I love love love and wanted to share with y'all because I think they help elevate your natural beauty and make you shine like the star that you are.] 


Y'all. This stuff is freaking magic serum in a bottle. My eyelashes almost touch my eyebrows now to the point where I had to take a break from using the stuff because it was just that damn good. It's a little pricey but it is seriously worth it. My boyfriend told me that my eyelashes have never been more beautiful. SO for those out there like me who unfortunately didn't get blessed by the lash genie in the womb... I would 100% recommend this product. Also, while I haven't tried the other R+F products, I have heard amazing things and if their other products are anywhere near as magical as the Lash Boost then you can bet they are freaking awesome. You can shop products here!

 Click  here  to see my pathetic before picture... and yes, I know I'm super awkward.

Click here to see my pathetic before picture... and yes, I know I'm super awkward.


Beautiful lush hair is a must-have on your wedding day. And there's no better way to maintain that hair than with natural products that make your hair soft, nourished, rejuvenated and moisturized. I am obsessed with Maple Holistics products. Their shampoos make my hair smell and look the best it can possibly look. My scalp is moisturized, my hair is thick and luscious and I've even gotten compliments from my boyfriend the next day after shampooing that my hair smells incredible. This product is another favorite I would 100% recommend. 

 Hair styling by Hustle & Blow Dry Bar

Hair styling by Hustle & Blow Dry Bar


I don't know if I just was a slow learner but I think brushing my teeth was something I never really got the hang of so by age 14 my teeth were yellow... Like bad. So I tried White Strips and wowza. Y'all my teeth are white as can be. The best part is you don't have to do them all the time once you get to the white level you want. I always have white strips on hand and will do a strip maybe once a month just to maintain. The Crest 3D White Strips are my favorite because they stick on and stay a lot better than other brands because I mean... the slurping noise is maybe not ideal so these make it a lot easier to whiten without grossing out your loved ones... 



I have done a lot of face masks... like a lot. I love them and am somewhat addicted. But I must say my absolute favorite face mask I have ever done is the Blaq Face Mask. This mask made my face feel like I went back into the womb and grew new skin and now had the skin as smooth as a baby. Was that weird? I don't care... it's serious, y'all. This face mask is the best I have ever tried and I am obsessed. It exfoliates so good and will make your face feel so freaking soft you are going wanna touch your face all day long but I wouldn't recommend that because I think that might make you break out. But seriously, try it. I got lucky enough that this goodie product came in my monthly Ipsy bag

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.31.30 AM.png


Last but not least, sign up for Ipsy bag. You will not regret it. I love love love getting my Ipsy bag every month with new goodies to try out. They always send me the best products that are specialized for what I love from eyeliner to mascaras to face masks (see above) and more. It's only $10/month AND... one of my favorite parts is the bags you get!!! I use them to completely organize my makeup and bathroom drawers. I'm a little OCD can you tell? I literally have a separate bag for eyeliners, mascara/eyelash curler, undereye concealers, coverup, bronzers and so on... And then in our bathroom drawer I have a bag for razors, floss and so on... It is AMAZING. Highly recommend!!


What beauty products do you love??? What beauty regimes are your favorite?? Have you tried any of these products?? Do you love them as much as me?! We want to hear your feedback!! And thanks for reading!!! xoxox, N